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The next logical step....Who gets the 42 ride?

Who knows. I think Ganassi has more rides than talent right now. Maybe Reed goes the #42 team?

I think another valid question is what's going to happen to Casey Mears. Ganassi keeps saying Mears is in the team's future plans, but nothing indictates he'll have a ride.

I'm not terribly sure they have a good idea to putting together a good team. For example, the driver for the #40 car. The reasoning for letting Marlin go? Nothing to do with actual racing. And I can't believe Stremme is better than Marlin. Stremme has never won a Busch race, never started a truck or cup race. Has 29 top-10's in 70 career starts.

If Ganassi continues that trend, then I don't see them winning for a long long time.

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I wouldn't be half surprised to see Ganassi take one of his open wheel racers and put them in the car. I'm actually hoping he puts Scott Dixon in one of his cars. Cause that would get the New Zealand media to pay real attention to NASCAR.

I'm stunned that McMurray is going to the 6, I so expected him to end up in the 2. I'm glad though, the kid has talent, even if I can't stand the fact he drives the Texaco car. But I blame Ganassi for that and not him.

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