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This has been a great offseason


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Could this offseason have gone any better? As a UC fan, the past year has made me appreciate when there are no off the field problems. As a Carl Pickens/Takeo Spikes/Corey Dillon hater, I appreciate no complaining "insert whatever negative noun you would like in this spot...I don't know what I can say without getting in trouble". All of the players seem content, and are taking a pay cut to resign (and talking about the Super Bowl). The only notable off the field developments are Chad's TV spots which happen to be very entertaining.

The only negative things people could talk about are missing out on Peter Boulware and the drafting of players with "questionable character". Well I don't really care about not getting Boulware and players like Thurman and Henry are apparently making the best of impressions on everyone within the PBS.

I will enjoy these times while they are good, and keep myself occupied until the season starts. haha

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Check out these power rankings, what do ya think?


We've discussed these before, and for the most part decided that Alder is just trying to get his name out there by ranking a big sleeper #6. We've done nothing to deserve this high yet, but at least it's nice to see our name in the single digits (whether we deserve it or not).

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