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Are We Better Than Pittsburgh?


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PB went 12-1 in 04. Could we be as good or better? Here's my breakdown:

*QB--- Slight edge to Palmer. Ben was freakishly good with a QB rating of 98.1 vs. Palmer's 77.3. Big difference was interceptions (18 Palmer vs. 11 Ben). Ben played within himself, and Palmer reached at times. That said, I think Palmer has more upside.

*RB--- Slight edge to Bengals. PB's duo of Bettis and Staley was more productive than Rudi/Watson. But, with JJ in better shape and Perry coming on, we should be stronger. Plus, Bettis has got to get old someday. We also missed Warrick's reverse plays. Bengals O-line healthy will also make a big difference.

*WRs--- Big edge to Bengals. Not even a question last year, and our WR corps has improved.

*Offense--- Bengals

*Special Teams---Slight edge to PB only because Opie can't kick-off.

*Defense--- This is the wild card--- I think the Bengals D-line and LB's are much improved and should be able to complement a pretty solid secondary, so slight edge Bengals.

Net, net... Bengals! There is no reason the Bengals could not duplicate the 12-1 run of PB. The Steelers were not that extraordinary, and I'm not afraid to say so.

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Sure looks on paper like we stack up. The key is, when it comes down to the 4th quarter in Pittsburgh can the Bengals make the play......ala Kitna to Schobel.....I think they can.....Beating Baltimore in the 4th quarter last year in Balt was a big turning point for this team....

:player: :player: :player:

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Lets not turn this board into Homerama 2005...

P-Burg went 15-1 and won their first playoff game... We went home...

Palmer had more on his shoulders and was expected to win games... Ben Wasn't...

Palmer had a defense that got ran the F**K over... Ben didn't...

When our team has the "team" effort P-Burg had last year, then we'll be better than them.

I'm not saying we can't be better than P-Burg this year, but the last time I checked, games weren't played on paper. Let's get on the field and see something.

Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping for good things, but (and I hate to say it) I'm still not convinced about our ability to stop the run. It will be better, but will it be enough ?? If it is, then whoooooohooooo !! God I hope so !!!


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I think that both we and the Ravens are better than Pittsburgh. I think what the Steelers did last year was a fluke. I think the Steelers will lose 2 of their first 3 and go into their bye 1-2. (they will lose to the Patriots and Texans-away)

They will come out of their bye week and lose 3 of their next 4 and be at 2-5 (sound familiar, losing to the Bengals-here, Chargers-away, and either Jaguars at home or Ravens at home). They may rally and get to 8-8, but they won't make the playoffs.

Their defense will still be solid-especially against the run, but their offense will be anemic.

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first 6 games for pitt are:


at texans


at chargers


at bengals

they will go at best through that 4-2...im guessing 3-3 maybe 2-4. so as long as we get off to a good start, we can overtake them...if not another year in the middle...

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I think Pittsburgh had the number 1 ranked D last season. They are really good at stopping the run. That is an area they have us beat on

Well their run game helped the defensive numbers,I still think it's a top 3-5 defense but I don't know top 2 inless your going by stats...I'd much rather have patriots defense.

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For as much as i hate to say it...Looking at what we have and what they have and also looking at past performances...Steelers have a slight edge. But then again this is only an edge. I truly think the bengals are perfectly capable of beating the steelers anytime. As we have proven much in the past to overcome odds in defeating certain teams that from the looks of things we shouldnt have. I thought most of your comparisons were good. But Big Ben was overrated since he was just surrounded by an excellent team.

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The 2 Steelers that spook me are Randle-El returning punts and Verron Haynes, who is looking like the next Lamont Jordan.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Steelers have less success this year with the power running game and go with Haynes more because he runs hard and quick and is an excellent receiver.

The Bengals got to crack the Steelers D. IMO they need to go almost entirely w/ 1 RB and air it out vs. the Steelers secondary. The Bengals receivers really should fare much better there than they did last year in the home game.

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Steelers were 6-10 prev year,(though 15-1 was a fluke won't happen again)

It doesn't matter what they did last year it matters what they do this year.

They haven't really don't anything in the offseason beside lose some players,

They are getting to be a very old team so will see what happens

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What I saw last year in the Pittsburgh games was that Palmer was locked on to the primary recievers.

He needs to go through his reads. His passes were defended too easily. Plus 3rd and long buried him. Both games were close. Interceptions returned for TDs hurt bad.

Any of the losses could have been turned around. A big run stopped here (Balt and Titans), a key pass interception there (Steelers losses and Patriots loss). The punt blocked for a TD and Takeo's TD was the difference in the Bills game.

I know Palmer will improve. He did late in the year. The defense did some good things late in the year. I still can't understand how we lost to the Steelers at home with 7 sacks of Roethlisberger. They lead in the game til late in the 3rd despite the int by Farrior. Watch that game Palmer never looked for anyone other than the primary reciever.

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The Bengals could have won both of those games. I started sweating Palmer after he could have won it in the end in both games, but didn't. Then I gained some faith after the Ravens comeback. I think that beating the Steelers will be a huge stepping stone for Palmer.

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First off the Steelers didn't improve "that" much over one year. In 2004 they were injury stricken.

If you really want to ask if we stack up/are better then the Steelers you really need to break the teams down. Even the coaches.

At head coach, I think they are even. Cohwer seemed to be loosing a step in 2004 but picked it back up in 2005. Lewis is still putting a team around him...even as we speak...but I feel he has succeeded beyond expectations thus far.


Offensive Coordinator and assistants - Steelers did a great job with Ben last year but loose a good WR is Burress. I don't think Ward (even though I know he is a good WR) can handle the attention he will get in 2005. ONly time will tell tho, and this comment should really be under WR...so I will try not to repeat. The Bengals on the other had have quickly built up the Offence into potentially one of the most explosive offence in the NFL.


Defensive Coordinator and assistants - Well, Chuck has his background and past success but it wasn't last year, whereas that Steelers had that success. So this answer is obvious.


Ok, time for short answers!

QB - Tie - I have to be honest, I watched Ben at MU and he was impressive, I'm not sure if he will catch the Soph jinx or not. And remember, it is only Palmers 2nd year playing as well, so some could call him out for the same thing.

RB - Tie - Though Rudi is Da Man, if we can't stop the Bus (which it ALWAYS seems we can't) then it's hard to have a chance!

O-line - Sorry Steeler, but our line is the BOMB. Unfortunately that is the product of picking in the top 10 of the draft for so many years.

WR - Bengals by far, no reason to try to argue that. Ward is great....and....did I already mention Ward. Don't bring up Randle El...he's a wanna-be P-Dub

TE - Tie I don't like any of them for either team! lol

Defensive line - Steelers....hey, they were able to stop the run when need be.

Secondary - This is difficult! Polumalu (whatever) is a great ball player and he is a machine! But out DB's are better IMO. Ratliff and Williams have no limits on how well they can become....So I pick Bengals

Special teams - Ok...I'm picking Steelers because I'm still so pissed about that fake punt screw up that we didn't pick up on that allowed the Steelers a first down and the game! Until we an learn to call a time out in a situation like that the Steelers will have a leg up on us.

Summery? WHO-DEY, I think we will sweep the Steelers because I said so, not be the information provided! - lol

Anyhow, it will be fun, and interesting and I do foresee play-offs in 2005 for the beloved Bengals!

Bengals - 11-5

Steelers - 10-6

Ravens - 8-8

Browns - 4-12

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I am optimistic just as most fans are, but let's not get carried away about being superior to the Steelers. I do feel that we have advantages in some aspects of the offense, not so much in the defense.

The major difference in the Steelers and the Bengals is that the Steelers FINISH games better with their line play. The Bengals beat the Ravens late last year and had some other key wins. This is promising. The Bengals need to continue to improve to control the clock and reduce the amount they turn the ball over.

You can have all the talent on paper in the world but it's the team that knows how to win together that will come out on top consistently. See the Patriots.

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One last thing about Rothelisburger. The guy may never go 15-1 again, but seriously the 22 year old is going to be a good QB for a LONG time. I know it's a scary reality and just him alone will help keep the Steelers competitive for many years to come. Just wishing that he is a fluke is ridiculous. I think Palmer has a bit more upside but Ben is not far behind. Both are excellent QBs. Take your homer glasses off.

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