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What a game against the lions. Carson had a PERFECT game, highest rating you can acheive. Still coach Lewis and even Carson still believe that Jon should be starting at QB. I think we will see when the season starts.

Did you guys up in the NY area get to see the game? We only got a tape delay at 11:30. Time for the Playoffs. Restore the Roar! Who-Dey!!!!

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only could watch it on the computer up here in NY but it was a good game non the lease, as for Carson palmer starting this year- heck no he will be a great player but not this year...let him learn and dont wish for him to be thrown in this year.....dont forgett abought the others that were thrown in too fast, the bengals will be a good team this year but will be a GREAT TEAM within the next few years...Carson Palmers arm and tallent have been compared to Brett Favres and Kurt Warners aand thats alot to say for a ROOKIE :lol:

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Well put J Could not have said it better if I had Marvin vision myself. Im a little impatient for good things to start happening for this team. Just hope Jon has a fantastic year. Carson is the corner stone for our futureand man it sure is nice to watch pro football coming out of the Jungle again. I remember the two SB teams, man what a great time we had.

Oh btw the steelers game is SOLD OUT. YES!!!!

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hope Jon has a fantastic year. Carson is the corner stone for our future

if you ask me in our division the steelers are our biggest problem but not big enough that we wont beat there A@@es

has there ever been another Rookie that had a perferct game 7/7 even though it was preseason all i can say is W@W....if there has been another rookie that has had a perfect game i have never herd of him

and last but not least ALL you Bengals fans please rember what we are doing is not rebuilding but retooling

GO BENGALS lets hear the ROAR

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Retooling from what?

No offense, but any team that has a 2-14 record the previous year NEEDS to rebuild.

Rebuilding shouldn't be a dirty word around Cincinnati. It's something that has needed a serious doing since 1990.

They've "tried" in the past, but it's being done correctly now.

Give this team three years and we will see a serious threat to the NFL's natural order of things. That order being:

The Steelers must always be competitive.

The Browns are the sweethearts of the football world.

Brett Favre is the greatest thing since John Madden.

The Bengals will always stink.

We will be able to wipe that last one right off of the map, and do a thing or two about the first two in very short order.

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rebuilding - even Marvin Lewis said hes not rebuilding the Bengals

Retooling - is taking what ya have and making that better,Train better- work out better - better off season = Better PRESEASON & Better players that the Bengals allready had, they just did'nt know they could be better than they ARE - but now they do

RETOOLING is the correct word



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