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I think being a football writer for, I dunno...Say ESPN must be the easiest job in the world. How can a guy get away with basically writing off a team that hasimproved so vastly over the course ONE off season?

I've read two different things about this team that just make me BOIL.

First I read an article about teams unveiling thier new advertising slogans. What was Cincy's slogan you ask?

"Just 1, 386, 455 minutes until we're on the clock" (I don't have the numbers right, but you get the point.

Now, on to the POWER RANKINGS...Ah yes, those lovable little lists that seem to sum it all up so well. Aren't they great?

Real scientific....

#26- Cincinnati:

reason for optimism: "Marvin Lewis is now in charge"

reason for pessimism: "Mike Brown still calls the shots, and they are still the Bengals"


You know what? I can't wait until opening day. I hope they smack Denver right in the freaking nose and never look back.

I've been reading this drivel for twelve freaking years and I'm sick of it.

Thank you, that is all


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We are all tired of B.S. being said abought the Bengals :o

so now i feel sorry for the jets because we get to take it out on them and boy did they look BAD agenst Tampa this weekend

Everybody will see that the Tiger is woken up and hungry and ready to ROAR once again :D


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