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See I'm still here. Steelers Are number one!


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Well, You guys blew my prediction out of the water.

You are still going to the Basement by the time this game ends. We have only spotted you the 14 points.

Damn your Bengals are playing good taday. It's making me sick!

Ok, I'll say it. Kitna had a great half.

There. Are you happy?

Your still going to lose.

I'm sorry it has to be this way.

Lambert 58

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I'm surprised your quarterback walked off the field. Next time he won't be so lucky. He'll be hauled off in a stretcher.

Now the score will be 89-3 with charlie batch in there. YOU'RE GOING TO BE THROWING OUT PROPS BY THE TIME THIS IS OVER LAMEBRAIN.


you just got sacked

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hey lambert how abought changing your teams color to black & blue because thats how they are going to look when the bengals are through with you and by the way since this is game day why dont you tell us all who we are picking on ???????.........could it be the owner of the steelers or a X-steeler player or just plane JANE

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I can't believe this idiot actually tried, in an earlier post, to claim he was part of the upper level exec's on the Steeler's team. He has pulled every card. But look at him now, sitting alone, last man standing in the Pitts Stadium. I think I see him now, using his terrible towel to wipe his eyes.

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