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San Antonio Bengal

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The Bengals are now 3 - 0 in games with a non-1:00 start time

The defense went seven consecutive quaters without allowing a TD

The defense has allowed only 13 points over the last two games

Tory James now leads the league with 6 ints

The defense is still leading the league in takeaways

After only nine games the Bengals have 24 takeways; this is the same number they had all last season

The Bengals have defeated three of the highest rated defensive teams: Washington, Denver, Miami

The Bengals were 8-17 on third down against the best third down defense

Carson passed for 200+ and Rudi rushed for 100+

Now, we just need to be consistent....

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A couple more interesting defensive tidbits picked up from bengals.com:

Points allowed/game

First 5 games - 25.2

Last 4 games - 12.2

Total yds/game

First 5 games - 365.2

Last 4 games - 313.8

Rush yds/game

First 5 games - 160.4

Last 4 games - 120.5

Pass yds/game

First 5 games - 204.8

Last 4 games - 193.3


First 5 games - 7

Last 4 games - 11


First 5 games - 10

Last 4 games - 14

3rd down conv

First 5 games - 27/65 (41.5%)

Last 4 games - 16/55 (29.1%)

And then a specific note about the secondary "The Bengals have gone 13 straight quarters without allowing a wide receiver a catch longer than 27 yards. The longest touchdown pass since the 59-yard Lee Suggs breakdown in Cleveland Oct. 17 has been a 13-yarder to a fullback."

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