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Steeler fans in general


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I'll try to make this as brief as possible, so bear with me.

Wild Bills member Praxxus asked for info on going to the game in Cincy and wanted to know how visiting fans were treated. Gave him the usual info on Cincy, and then told him visiting fans were received better in Cincinnati than in the other stadiums that I had been to. At this point, a Steeler " fan " inserted himself into the conversation and told him that we were mouthy and that was it. That we were rude but not to worry that in the 4th quarter, Chiefs fans wouild have the place to themselves just like STEELER FANS do when " we invade the place". My response was to the affect that ;

Ignore this guy. Go to the game and have a good time. You'll be welcomed and not subjected to the usual bs that goes on at a lot of games. Steeler fans aren't treated as well, because frankly they aren't very good guests. If a couple thousand of them showed up in KC and acted like they owned the place, I'm sure they wouldn't be welcome there either.

Pittsburgh is a nice town with a lot of decent people UNTIL football season. You've seen the wolfman movies, and what happens to the normal looking guy when the full moon comes out ????? Same thing in Pittsburgh except instead of 1 monster there are 60 to 70 thousand of them. DO NOT ..... I REPEAT DO NOT TAKE A LOVED ONE TO A GAME IN PITTSBURGH WEARING THE WRONG SHIRT.

Steeler fans are like Yankees fans. They know everything there is to know about their team, and they are vaguely aware that there are teams in other cities somewhere that play the same game. You are totally ignorant if you don't agree that Bradshaw wasn't the greatest qb of all time and can't give the date that his last hair fell out or know his birthday. ( a legal holiday in Pittsburgh ) These are people who not only pack pro football games but high school and Pop Warner as well. They will attend any organized event that features people in football costumes.

When football season is over, the streets are empty because everyone is inside watching the grainy almost worn out tapes of their super bowl victories. There are hot lines numbers if your tape breaks or if the foil falls off of your rabbit ears. Getting mad at a Steeler fan for being rude and spewing ignorant remarks is like getting mad at the neigborhood mutt that gets into your garbage. It's the nature of the beast. They are what they are and they do what they do. In both cases, keep your lid on and ignore them, and eventually they go away.

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That was very well written.

You made on error in your article though.

We watch the old Steeler tapes EVERY DAY. It has to be this way. It was the greatest team in the history of the NFL. Hall of famers EVERYWHERE on that field. Even if you are not a Steeler fan, and just a football fan, you should be in awe of the seventies team.

We are going to dismantle the Bengals today. Yes you are right. My brain has been totally consumed by the glorious Steelers. I am an ill person. Nothing matters right now.

All I can see are Bengals running for their lives on the field.

I am a respectful fan though. Even though some folks may believe otherwise.

The Bengal fans should be grateful to have a classy team like the Steelers in the same division. You all know we have the best owner in the world.

And I know you all love me to death.

Don't you???

By the way,

Steelers 31

Bengals 0

I'm sorry it has to be this way.Lambert 58 (by the way, Ken Griffey was a waste of money)

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We do love you to death - that's right - to death.

We love laughing at your kindergarten cutdowns and your lack of knowledge about the game. We love systematically cutting you down in our off the board daily newsletter. You've become the laughingstock of the entire board.

That's right we love you to death.

And after today it's going to be death for the Steelers... as they go back to SLEEP IN THE BASEMENT.

You'll see lamebrain58.

I just wish I could be there as the big heart attack hits ya at final score.

Happy Holidays my puppet.

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