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Parcells on Palmer


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Parcells on Palmer: Better arm than Big Ben's

04:14 PM CST on Thursday, November 4, 2004

By MATT MOSLEY / DallasNews.com

IRVING - Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is at it again.

The man who quite prophetically announced three weeks ago that Steelers rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was the best prospect he has seen in the past 12 years has now turned to Bengals second-year quarterback Carson Palmer.

"The guy's arm is probably better than Roethlisberger," Parcells said.

He added that Palmer would have a similar record to Roethlisberger if he had the same suppporting cast. The Steelers are 6-1.

"Throw Palmer in there [Pittsburgh] and I think he would do well," Parcells said.

He said Palmer's numbers (136-for-247 for five touchdowns and 10 interceptions) don't reflect how he has played, adding that Palmer had put the 2-5 Bengals in position to win several games.

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There was a video of the Parcells press conference when he said those things about Palmer. I was surprised that he would come out and say something like that. They only showed the comment about about Palmer being another good young QB they had to face and that he thought Palmer had the stronger arm of the 2. I found the video on and MSN sports link. It was on the NFL page off to the right under free videos. There are usually some decent tidbits there relating to the Bengals.

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