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The Bengals are allowed to Guarantee victory


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When one of the Bengals guaranteed victory against Kansas City, many football fans and NFL players said negative things about it.

I wonder why?

In my opinion, any and every player should know that they're team is going to win when they take the field. Call it confidence, arrogance, it makes no difference. What player do you want on your team that does not believe in his heart that the team will win?

Guarantees are fine. It doesn't make you look bad if you happen to lose, because at the time you made the guarantee you believed in yourself and your team. Thats why there are winners and losers. Winners know they are going to win every game. Even if they lose a few.

Some teams... just don't want to hear about the other teams positive thinking.

It scares them; they're not man enough to speak up themselves.

Lambert 58

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