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Bengals vs Chargers: A Brief History


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Our overall record vs the Chargers:


PF: 528 PA: 623

W/Paul Brown as GM:


PF: 429 PA: 415

W/Mike Brown as GM: *


PF: 99 PA: 208

*These are not the "same old" Bengals!!

Our last 5 games vs the Chargers:

'96 Bengals 14 @Chargers 27

'97 Bengals 38 Chargers 31 W Boomer rallied the team in place of Jeff Blake!

'99 Bengals 7 Chargers 34

'01 Bengals 14 @Chargers 28

'02 Bengals 6 Chargers 34

I say the Cardinal game was a blessing in disguise. The coaches pointed the finger at themselves for that one. The Bengals, IMHO, are going out to San Diego to win!

One game at a time!!!

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I try to stay objective about all of our opponents. I'm trying this week too, but I'm having a lot harder time because I can't stand Flutie. I started disliking this man when he stabbed Grogan ( who I liked ) in New England. He just got finished doing it in Buffalo to Rob Johnson, and now he's done it again to Brees. I haven't liked Schottenheimer since he was with the Browns, and Boston though very talented is the biggest head case I've seen since Pickens.

Legitemate quarterback controversies are one thing, but Flutie incites them to suit his own purposes and further his own career. He actively campaigns in locker rooms undermining the other qb's and splitting the team. Schottenheimer isn't much better. Everybody on this board probably remembers stunts he pulled in Cleveland. With Tomlinson jumping into the mix today, Its easy to tell what kind of organization he's running out there.

Look for cheap shots ...... crying to the refs ..... and a general lack of sportsmanship from their side of the field. Also look for history to take a new turn this week.

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