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Bengals at. Ravens Game Preview


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Bengals Overview:

Bengals coming off a win over the Dolphins ut it wasn't the least bit pretty. A game that saw only 1 TD which was by the Dolphins. Bengals will have a tough time trying to overcome this tough Raven defense. Carson Palmer is coming off an "okay game." Could have been better but you have to consider they were playing one of the best defenses in the league and now they're playing probably the best defense in the Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens Overview:

Ravens are also coming off a win last Sunday over the Pittsburgh Steelers which saw a key injury go down in losing TE Todd Heap 2-4 weeks. This means that Boller will be passing more to the regular receivers in Johnson and Darling. Lewis will be getting a lot of carries tomorrow since the Bengals have a little bit of trouble stopping the run. I see him getting 100+ rushing.

Key Matchup:



Boller vs. Palmer:

Both are almost rookie QB's since Boller was injured almost all of last year and Palmer didn't even take a snap. Expect both of them passing a lot. Boller will be throwing to Johnson a lot and Palmer will throw to C.Johson. I am expecting a pretty good game by both teams with a Bengals victory.

Injury Report:


M. Askew DT Out Knee

K. Herring S Out Foot

C. Powell DE Out Knee

S. Andrews T Doubtful Knee

C. Miller LB Doubtful Ankle

L. Moore G Doubtful Knee

R. Beckett S Questionable Concussion

R. Braham C Out Knee

R. Geathers DE Probable Ankle

J. Lynch RB Probable Hamstring

T. Roberts CB Probable Groin

P. Warrick WR Probable Shin


M. Flynn C Out Shoulder

T. Heap TE Doubtful Ankle

T. Taylor WR Doubtful Thigh

E. Brooks T Questionable Knee

K. Gregg DT Questionable Knee

D. Sanders CB Questionable Hamstring




Bengals will take this game but Ravens will get them back later in the season. Palmer will have another poor game but Rudi will come alive and rush for 150 yards.

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Well, Ricky Williams has been hooking a brother up. He's got the best stuff if you ask me...

I give credit where credit is due, Redsfan33--ACTUALLY, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN CORRECT, had Drunkowski not hit the sauce Pre-Game!!!

If Drunkowski calls Rudi's number 10-15 more times, Rudi would have had your prediction of 150+.

I predicted > 50 yards for the game for Rudi!!! I never thought in a million years, Rudi would have ripped off almost 100!!!

That's unbelievable.

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