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Sore Losers


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Well, I've just finished reading the quotes from the post game press conference. Man the Chief players have no class whatsover! Especially Priest Holmes! The got beaten. But they mostly blamed themselves for losing, instead of admitting that the Bengals beat them(except Vermiel, he's a class act) I think the only Chief to say the Bengals just flat outbeat them was Trent Green. I'm really just blown away by all of that...What a**h***s.

check it out

Post Game Quotes


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the chiefs are my 2nd favorite team (i live in KC) and i was glad to see them lose today, but ive met some of these guys and followed them all year and i know that some of those things were said out of frustration and that some of those guys arent really a**h***s.


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I was amazed at the comments by Priest Holmes. All the sportswriter types had him listed on the good guy sheet. I had never really heard him say anything before, even when he was with the Ravens. This must have really gotten under his skin. Maybe he'll make MSNBC's Whine of the Week.

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"First off, I'd like to congratulate Marvin Lewis and his staff for doing an outstanding job. They really did a great job of preparing their football team to play, obviously better than I did mine. I think we got out-coached and out-played. We were so bad in the first half offensively. I don't want to say that without respect for what their defensive coaches did, because they did a great job. I think we're a better football team than we played, but we weren't today, and it only matters how you play today. It's disappointing to go on the road and lose, to a good football team. We knew they'd be a good football team. To be as inefficient as we were in the first half offensively, and left our defense on there too long; and then give up a punt return, and then give up the one play - a score on the pass - it's tough to overcome that. I thought at the end we would come back and win the football game, because we'd been down before, and we sort of know how to come back. I think we give Marvin Lewis and his staff credit for doing a great job in whipping us, head coach right on down. We have to get ready to regroup and go play the in Arrowhead this next week."

The Bengals didn't turn the ball over today...

"We didn't take it away and they didn't take it away. That part was even. But the punt return ... was a lousy punt and then poor coverage. That really hurt us there. Then the one play for the score. But even more than that, to have great field position four times inthe first half and be very unproductive - be bad - that's our fault ... that's our fault. And that's good coaching on their part."

Was there a lot of weight to carry around with being undefeated?

"No. I'd rather win and carry the weight of the world. That's a rationalization. That had nothing to do with it. We just got out-coached and out-played."

You said you didn't think you were prepared. Could you sense that through the week?

"No. We played like we weren't today, that's all. That's how we played from an offensive standpoint in the first half. We did not function well. We dropped a third-down pass. We had illegal procedure on third-and-short. You can't do that in an intense football game. They wore us down. They wore us down running the ball."

Trent Green got off to a shaky start. Did you talk to him?

"No. I think the whole offensive staff got off to a shaky start. We were shaky - head coach right on down - we were all shaky. It's easy to single out a player, but it starts with all of us. When we go out there and do a great job offensively, the head coach and all of that, we want to take all of the kudos and all the things. We didn't get it done today. That's all there is to it. We have no one to blame but ourselves - all of us. I think they did a great job."

After the long TD pass to Warrick, did you sense they might be set up to take a deep shot at some point?

"No, I think they tried to go deep before but it was taken away from them. I think Eric was on him and around him. But, hey, the guy caught the ball and made a great play. He made a better play than Eric made. They made that play and we didn't make that play."

Missed tackles hurt, and you know missed tackles could bite you...

"They do all defensive football teams, especially if you leave them on the field as much as we left them on in the firsthalf, and especially against a big, physical team like that."

When was last time the quarterback took that kind of beating?

"First off, I don't know what kind of beating he took. You saw it better than I did. I know he threw for over 300 yards. I know he got sacked a couple of times. I saw (that the) defense held and pushed a tackle into the quarterback one time, but that happens. We did the same to them. Our rush wasn't as good in the second half because we were on the field too long in the first half."


On whether or not the Bengals defense was guessing well in terms of what they needed to do to shut down the Chiefs’ offense...

“Yeah, they had a great game plan defensively and we knew coming in (that Bengals head coach) Marvin Lewis is a great coach and he was going to have some things ready for us. And that first half, we really struggled offensively. Our defense and special teams put us in good field position in the first half and we didn’t take advantage of those opportunities early on. That’s our fault, so give them credit for having a great game plan and defensively doing a good job.”

On whether or not wasting the field position they had on offense hurts the most next to losing the game...

“Yeah. We had opportunities there, and if we don’t get touchdowns, at least we get field goals and maybe take some of the momentum and those type of things. (But) by keeping the score close, it just gave them more and more confidence as the game went on. We were able to tie it up (at the) half and then come out that first series (in the third quarter), come down and get a field goal and take the lead. But where we messed up in the first half was not taking advantage of those field (position) opportunities. Also, the defense was on the field 20 minutes to our 10 minutes that first half, and you’re going to wear out when you’re on the field that much and taking that many snaps. That’s the offense’s fault, not the defense’s.”

On what the Bengals did to confuse the offense...

“Lots of things — they just changed it up really well. They blitzed well, they had timely blitzes against certain protections. Their (defensive line) did a good job, their linebackers played really well, they were effective against the run game. And in the pass game, they were timely with their blitz calls and their packages when it came to pass protections. So, again, give them credit. They did a really good job. I took some hits, but that’s a part of (playing quarterback), and most of the time I was able to get the ball off. But I feel fine.”

On whether or not he feels the Chiefs may be vulnerable in certain areas...

“We’re just disappointed. We never said we were going to go undefeated. Our goals all along have been winning the division, (getting) home-field advantage — trying to give ourselves the best opportunity once the playoffs start — and then making a run for it. That hasn’t changed. We’re still in a really good position. Our next three games are division games, and that’s what we’re focused on. Hopefully, guys aren’t moping around and understand we’re in a great position right now. We’re all frustrated and disappointed that we lost today, but that doesn’t change where we are and where we want to go.”


Thoughts on the game...

“First off, I would like to commend (Bengal head coach) Marvin (Lewis) on a well-done job and having his team fired up and being ready to battle. They did a good job. I’m glad they took over their division — we’re No. 1 in our division — and give us an opportunity to someday play again if that’s in our future.”

On whether or not he is looking forward to playing them again...

“I think that exactly what they said, as far as beating us, they stuck to their words and definitely did the things that they talked about. You have to commend any player (referring to Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson) that steps up and makes a bold statement like that and comes in ready to play. (Also, Bengals wide receiver Peter) Warrick stepped up and did an outstanding job as a receiver and on special teams, but at the same time, if they’re going the same place where we’re going, we’ll definitely meet again.”

On whether or not he feels the “real” Kansas City Chiefs team showed up today...

“No, I think we were definitely below expectations as far as the goals we set for ourselves — definitely as far as (the) running game (is concerned). At the same time, I’m excited and I’ll keep saying it — we’re definitely destined for our destiny and we’re definitely going to where we’re going.”

On not going 10-0 …

“At 9-0, it’s definitely a huge feat to see yourself go 10-0. We definitely didn’t accomplish that goal; our streak has been broken. The main goal, which is going into the Super Bowl, is still the same focus. I think Marvin Lewis did an outstanding job as far as with his coaches, his coordinators. We definitely were out-played a number of times. We definitely were just out-played, and that’s entirely because they came ready to play. For us, we’ve just got to get back to the drawing board and get back to what we do best.”


On the loss...

“I think we didn’t play well and lost. If they would have beat us at our best, I think I might it have been a little easier to swallow. They just outplayed us, man, and it’s tough.”

On whether or not the Chiefs had a goal to go undefeated this season...

“In a sense, yeah. You don’t ever go into a game thinking you want to lose it (and) having that mindset. You play 16 games, and you want to win every one of them, but the reality is (that) it’s hard for a team to win them all. At the same time, you’ve got to have that mentality that you think you can win one, and it’s just tough to swallow when you lose one and you don’t play well. If anything, it might have been a good thing actually. If you look at it, it’s probably a good thing to wake us up and let us know you can’t let up on anyone. So we just have to turn this negative into a positive, if anything, and use it as a wake-up call.”

On the Bengals’ focus on stopping him on special teams...

“They just did a great job of closing the gaps. Once I was about to break, they did a great job of corralling to the ball. We had a couple of opportunities — plenty of opportunities — all day, but they just made plays and we just didn’t.”

On the Chiefs’ offense in the second half versus the first half, and what Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil said at halftime...

“He told us we need to get our butts going on offense, as simple as that. The defense, for the positions we were putting them in, did a great job and we didn’t help them at all in that first half on offense. So he told us straight to the point (that) we needed to do something. I don’t think we’ll need to make any adjustment next week. We just need to put in the hard work and effort that we do during the week and make it happen on Sundays. They just out-played us today.”


On the loss...

“We’re going to keep our heads high. They (the Bengals) came out there and played a good game. You have to give credit to the Bengals. But you know what? We’re 9-1, and we’ve still got the best record in the NFL as far as I’m concerned. And actually, that’s a fact. The guys on this team, we came into the locker room and we’re frustrated. We feel like we beat ourselves today. Giving credit to them, too, we didn’t play like the usual Chiefs today. There’s no question about it. We gave a punt return (touchdown and other) big plays. We weren’t really executing on offense, and we weren’t really making the tackles we were in positions to make on defense. That’s just how it goes. We’re hungry. The main thing is the Super Bowl — first getting into the playoffs, and then the Super Bowl. This is just a bump in the road. Maybe we’ll see this team again, maybe we won’t. But give credit to them.”

On why he thinks the Chiefs offense struggled...

“I don’t know. Give credit to them. Maybe it was the scheme that we had. They were ready for us. They knew what we were doing before we did sometimes, and they were in a position to make plays. But I think, toward the end, if we would have gotten the ball back at the end of the game, we would have put that thing in the end zone. That’s when we finally started rolling down the field — like we finally woke up — but it was too little too late. But I’ll tell you what, this allows us to refocus and rededicate ourselves out there, because we know where we want to go — like I said before, to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. We’ve got the talent. We’ve got the coaches and the owners and the fans to do it. But I’ve got to give them credit, and even though I feel like going out there and blasting them, I’ve got to give them the credit. That’s how it goes.”

On whether or not it was hard to lose after Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson “guaranteed” they would...

“Yup — and that’s the hard part about it. I can’t lie about it. Chad Johnson, he came out there and guaranteed a win and I wanted to shut him up and send him home packing with a loss — a big loss — but they came out there and backed it up. I’ve got to give him credit to say that. But to me, that Joe Namath (guarantee) and that type of stuff — I don’t know if it’s on that level ... but they played great today. They’re a good football team — they’re .500 now. They should enjoy it and have fun tonight as far as I’m concerned, because I know I would if I was in their shoes. But at the same time, I don’t have to accept it. I just have to deal with it … I would love to see them again. ... What can you say? They played good today (and) they beat us. They were more physical than us at times and out-executed us. It’s the NFL. It just shows you how hard it is to win a game in the NFL when a team like the Cincinnati Bengals can beat (what is) — in my opinion — the best team in the NFL right now.”


On the loss...

“The worst thing about it is to have a guy (Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson) come out and shoot his mouth (off) about what they’re going to do. And you know what? They stepped up and played an all-around game. They out-played us every step of the game. They got a special teams touchdown, they had big plays on defense — stopping our offense in the first half — and the offense played well. I take our hats off to them. He (Johnson) made a statement, and they stood up to it.”

On what he thinks happened...

“I don’t know if everybody was over-excited about coming in here. To have him (Johnson) speak before we even played, and just overconfident … Like I said, this is a good team. They’ve won four out of the last six games, so they’re obviously doing something good (there). They’ve got a lot of playmakers on their team. In my opinion, I don’t think we should have had that game that close. We shouldn’t have lost, yet it happened. So we have to move on to the and get a new streak going.”

On whether or not the Chiefs defense felt worn down in the second half...

“It’s up to us to go out there and stop their offense. And early on, we didn’t do that, but yet we only gave up three points in the first half, so we felt we accomplishing something (even though) we weren’t really doing a good job. (Bengals halfback) Rudi Johnson came in and kept pounding the ball and pounding the ball, and they got some decent yardage from him. It was pretty much an all-around game — they beat us in all phases today. The offense finally got on a roll in the second half. But on defense, we really didn’t put our foot down when we should have.”

On covering Bengals wide receiver Peter Warrick on Warrick’s 77-yard touchdown catch...

“I was in man-to-man (coverage) and the guy goes up top and starts pulling away inside, and I thought I had a chance at the ball and I went for it and missed it. So, he made a great play on the ball. He had a great game overall. He had a long rush on the reverse, he had a special teams touchdown, and he had a pass reception touchdown.”



"Well, that was fun. We came out on top today against a good team, obviously.With all three areas, playing up and down through the game, an NFL football game.When we maybe didn't start out so good on special teams, and we did everything to hurt ourselves, we played really good early on defense, and then fell off there a little bit towards the end. Offensively, (we were) pretty consistent all the way through. We just keep prying away. Just great by Kyle (Richardson), coming out of that funk he was in on the first two punts. ... The belief that guys have in each other is just excellent. ... If we (could have) tackled the quarterback (better), we would have put us out of all that misery we (went) through at the end. We are going to keep working at it. I told the guys that we earned the right to go on the road (and play for something the next) three weeks. We have to take our show on the road. We have to go play. I told them lets enjoy this tonight. They need to enjoy it. I know that they beat a good football team. Letshandle it the right way and know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, and it is going to be a tough three-week road trip, going out to play the Chargers No. 1."

What was the key to surviving the first-half field position they had?

"Well, I think the defense stepped up and played. Pretty soon we are going to be getting things right, and guys are going to quit inventing stuff, seeing ghosts and thinking this and that, and just play. I think we did that - I know we did that in the first half, which we needed to do, or else we would have gotten run out of the park. The fans today - what great crowdnoise. I think that everyone sees the difference it makes when you have that behind you. A tremendous day today from the time the guys took the field. I think they could feel the energy, the excitement. It was just awesome."

Peter Warrick, this is what we've been waiting for since his rookie year...

"He just keeps getting better. He just keeps having fun. He andChad(Johnson) are so doggone competitive. That has been our thing for a couple of weeks - letsreturn a kick for a touchdown. He has been close. We just did it. We returned kickoffs better today. We just keep getting better at things and we will be OK."

With the score 17-12 at your own 23, you throw the ball 77 yards to Peter Warrick. Whose call was that, and what did you think of it?

"That was the offensive coordinator. That was a nice job by Bob (Bratkowski), and the offensive coaches. That was one heck of a job. I had my back turned until I saw the ball go up in the air. That is a good thing. Even there at the end, if they had been in the right defense at the end, we would have thrown the ball. We needed to get a first down there. It was important for us to go get a first down. We really have a lot confidence in Jon (Kitna), Peter (Warrick) and Chad(Johnson) converting those plays. It was a great play by Jeremi (Johnson), in a big down-and-distance situation there and what he did, where they came with the same blitz that they had with the time before, and Jeremi did a nice job catching it and running for a touchdown."

Did the guarantee fire this club up?

"No. It did not fire us up. We realized that no matter what happens, you have to play the game. That is what is important."

Is that your best defensive effort this year?

"No question. I wish we could have stifled that last part, but no question it is the best. We played defense against a fine running back, a fine offense, and it was important to do. We are going to need to play better here down the stretch here now, we have a six-game season, and we are back to even."

What about the job that you and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier did? What did you try to take away from them? It seemed like they were confused with what they wanted to do most of the game...

"I think Leslie and the coaches did a great job. You have to try and limit some of their things, and their big thing is the explosive plays down the field. That is what we were trying to do today - not allow them to get an explosive play down the field. I thought Artrell (Hawkins) came in and played a fine game starting, and Tory (James is) still being consistent. Mark Roman and (Kevin) Kaesviharn and Rogers Beckett - our three guys playing at safety - just keep getting better and better and better. We are playing with some confidence. Jeff Burris (inactive with a head injury; watched the game from the coaches' booth) got his first victory as a coach today."

How does it feel to be in first place?

"It feels good, but we have to take care of business all the way down the stretch, or it is all for naught. That is our key."

What did you say to the defense at the start of the fourth quarter, you went out on the field and talked to some of the guys, pointing at them?

"We just have to do our jobs. We got a little bit ahead of ourselves, or behind ourselves - whatever it is. We were trying to do too much. Just go back to doing your job. I told them all week long our thing was to play with our head down and don't worry about the score, (because) the score will take care of itself. That is what you have to do. We somewhat get all worried about what is going on up there on that flashy thing, with all the numbers and colors. Don't worry about that and just play. If we just play, we will be fine. We have enough good players, and guys that are getting better every day. Our young guys are getting better. Just the leadership of the older guys and the confidence is great."

How is Corey (Dillon) physically?

"OK. He is getting better. You can see the spirit. It was good to have him in there running the football like he was, getting big first downs, good catches and runs. He is getting better, and he is getting his confidence. We will be all right."

In the second half, did he have to sit out because of his groin injury?

"We tried to keep him warm at halftime, and put him on the bike. With any back, you have to keep him in the flow, particularly with him."

From the large-picture standpoint, what does this victory mean to you?

"Well, it gives us legitimacy, for everything.The hard work, everything that is important.We have played now against three division leaders, and we have beaten them. That is important - that we can play football like the rest of them. From the time that we started, we said we were going to bring the NFL back here. And that was NFL football out there today. It was an NFL atmosphere. It was fun. Everybody had fun. When you come to the stadium, you ought to be here for fun, and that is what we were having."

After the game, CBS showed a shot of you with a shovel over your head in the locker room. What was the significance of that?

"Well, we just have a big pile of coal, and we have to keep shoveling. At the end of the day, with your head down, it will be gone. It doesn't matter, like I said about the scoreboard. Big Willie (Anderson) got the shovel (and handed it to me). ... We are just going to keep shoveling, just like a laborer. We know it is going to be a 60-minute labor every time we take the field."

No axes?

"No axes. We'll let Jack (Del Rio, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars) have the axes down there."

Ofcourse The Chiefs aren't going to be happy about their first loss this season, do you really expect The Chiefs(9-1) to say' yeah we suck and The Bengals(5-5) are THE GODS OF FOOTBALL'? Get real. All things considered, most of the Chiefs players gave your team credit so quit crying about Priest not sucking off Rudi after the game.

We were 5-5 10 games into last season and 9-1 feels much better.

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It's funny, even ESPN called the Chiefs out for being such poor losers. I'd link to the article but I can't right now, it's off of the ESPN football page. The best team on the day won, and a lot of that 9-0 record was smoke and mirrors.


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Your right we are sore losers, in fact not very good at it. Bengals are use to it. Oh it is just another game to you all, infact you have to get the tattoo L on your forhead before you can even sign with the Bengals. You won Sunday, that is a fact, does not mean you were the better team though. We very well could of betten ourselves. Just because a team does not bow down to a bunch of loser does not make him a sore loser. We played no doubt one of our worst games and still was in it till the last minute. Not mad either, in fact quite over it. You all have a long way to go to make the playoffs and would not be surprised if you almost got there being your division is the p***y division of the league. Which makes very fitting for your team. I do wish the best of luck to you all though. It would be our plessure to bust your bubble during playoff time.

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Mindless drivel

What an ass! Dude, the Chiefs lost to the better team on the day. If you want to talk about a weak ass division let's look at the AFC west....Chiefs are the only team there. Denver has an outside shot at the playoffs, and then there is the Raiders, and the Chargers...Man, any team in the "weak" AFC north would kick them into next week...Yeah, the Bengals lost the the Raiders, but the Bengals are rebuilding, and still able to contend, look what the chefs had in Vermeils first year, or even last year....

Once a troll always a troll.

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We very well could of betten ourselves.

But, you didn't. The Bengals beat you.

Did you watch the game? Despite the score, Cincinnati dominated almost every facet of the game. We man-handled you at the line of scrimmage. Proof?

RJ=175 yds.

PH=60 yds.

now, we need to move on and quit talking about the Chiefs. We're done with them for the time being.

Where are all of the Bolts' fans? I got a lot of calls from friends in San Diego the last few years, I'm looking forward to making the calls this year.

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Man those KC fans are bitter. Cincy won't be their only loss this year. When I watched Tony G's post game interview, I swear he was on the edge of a breakdown; tears in his eyes, a quivering voice. If it wasn't for the painfully long drought the Bengals have made us suffer through, I'd say it would be better to watch the Chiefs self-destruct than see the Bengals make the playoffs. Now I'm no fool, so I'll take the playoffs and seeing the Bengals b*$ch slap KC again will be great fun!!

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