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Reds Trade Broxton

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They traded him to the Brewers for two players to be named.

I know Broxton was due to make 9 million next season and with what was left on this years deal, they saved 10 million total.

Can't say as i'm thrilled with any trade within the division, but who we get back will say a lot.


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Just a salary dump. Good move if it allows them to sign someone else. Either one of their own pitchers or a bat in LF.

Broxton is definitely on the decline. Started off the season well, but has been slipping as of late and his velocity hasn't been the same for years. Surprised they found someone to take on the salary.

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The Reds get two RHP's in return for Broxton.

Can't say as I have much of a thought about that, but was hoping for a LF bat.

Oh well.

I noticed something today that only solidifies my thoughts about how poor of an offensive team this is.

The Reds lead the division in the fewest runs allowed with 557.

The problem ??

The Reds are also tied with the Cubs for the least amount of runs scored at 550.

Hitting has been a real problem this season, as have injuries.

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