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Invitation to Bungals Fans

bubba clyde

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Good day all...

In preperation for this weeks festivities between the 'Nati & God's Team (KC for those who haven't attended Arrowhead Cathedral before) we Kansas Citians (City=ites? ...whatever) have been looking for a few good natured people to talk smack with. Unfortunately we have had little luck. This board seems to be the best site I've seen by far to this point though, so...

Please feel free to stop by www.kcforum.net and smack away. Please be warned however that our board is a little bit more cross sectioned and a little harsher than what I've seen here (okay a lot harsher than anything we've been able to find in Cincy so far...) but believe me it's all in good fun. Rahter than harshen up your forum, feel free to come duke it out in ours (the main posting area is called the "Terror Dome" and it warns you to "guard your grill" befoe you enter.

We do it all in good fun. We slap each other around but we also have "Outlaw" outings too where we get together and have a few brewskis.

Hope to see you soon.


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