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Kaztastic Draft V3.0 (Boobs included)


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-Trade Down with the Patriots to 17th & 33rd Pick & 3rd rnd pick (I can hope!)

Round 1

17.Ryan Kerrigan -DE (unless Daquan Bowers is still available here)

Round 2

33.Rahim Moore -FS/SS

35.Colin Kaepernick-QB

Round 3

John Moffitt-OG

Sione Fua- DT

Round 4

Tandon Doss-WR

round 5

Mark Herzlich-LB

Round 6

DeMarcus Love-OT

Round 7

Vai Taua-RB

PS,I was going do a more realistic draft without trades but realistically be alot same names :P and a first rounder someone else has alrdy mocked so figure why bother.

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Wow Kaz, you and I are usually along the same lines with stuff like this, but outside of the Tandon Doss pick, who I think could go late 2nd early 3rd (my opinion of course) I don't like any of those picks. Such is life I suppose. I would walk away from this draft very disappointed, especially after trading down for more picks.

I know a lot of people are thinking Moffitt to the Bengals, but he's one of the OG prospects I really dislike.

He's to slow to do the things Gruden is going to want his Guards to do in his scheme. SLOOOOOOOW.

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