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Kaztastic Draft V2.0


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1.)A.J Green -WR-

Special Talent,Atm I'm Stuck between Wanting him and Fairly both very well could fall to us :o...

2a.)Stephen Paea-DT- Probably won't fall this low and I was in the belief if we don't go DT Early we should at all..But I think Paea would be a steal if he did fall.

2b.)Collin Kaepernick -QB-I know alot of people would be against the pick because he isn't seen as NFL Ready and I wouldn't mind Ponder Either but I gotta stick with Kaepernick I love his upside and his intangibles and he seems like very willing learner...We could bring in a vet so we don't feel like we have to throw a rookie in to the fire..

3.)DeAndre McDaniel-SS-Hopefully the CBA gets done so we can pick up some extra picks... Because Without them it's going to be rough to address some of our key positions IMO...

4.)John Moffitt-OG- Could end up going in the 3rd,But Seems to have fallen abit recently.

5.) Rashad Carmichael-CB- Has some good upside,Hopefully between Ghee,Pacman & Trent we shouldn't need to address a CB too early if we do let joseph walk..

6.)Jamie Harper -RB- Just some Thunder to go with our Lightning,Hopefully though they resign Cedric since Joseph probably walks.

7.)Richard Gordon-TE- 3 TE / Blocking

Free Agenecy

-Resign Roy Williams(Simply as Depth)

-Resign Cedric Benson Hopefully he returns.

-Resign Brandon Johnson (He chooses to stay because Zimmer makes it clear he gets to start)

-Resign Jonathan Fanene (I don't see him getting starter money so hopefully we can keep him

-Sign Hassleback (solid short term fix well we develop Kaepernick...:o Plus let him stick it to the Seahawks after we trade Carson to him :>

Depth Chart

QB:Hassleback,Collin Kaepernick,Lefevour

RB:Cedben(or Harper),B.Scott & Brian Leonard

FB:Chris Pressley -I want a true full back,if they want someone who can block or catch a patch from the position they can always stick Leonard in for a few plays

WR:AJ.Green,Jordan Shipley,(pick Random name and stick here)

WR:Jerome Simpson,Anthony Caldwell

TE:Gresham,Bucket Head,Gordon


LG:Livings(as much as it pains me because we should just retain Mathis instead of this bum.),Moffitt



RT:Andre Smith,Anthony Collins

LE:Carlos Dunlap,Robert Geathers



RE:Michael Johnson,Jonathan Fanene

SLB:Brandon Johnson,Muckleroy,Skuta (

MLB:Reyrey,(Vincent Rey)

WLB:Keith Rivers,Muckleroy(backs up both spots)


CB:Pacman,Ghee Carmichael

FS:Chris Crocker,Reggie Nelson (unless Reggie can win starting Safety.)

SS:DeAndre McDaniel,Roy Williams

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I dig it.

I would also be OK with Julio Jones in r1.

I would like to see a RB earlier than r6.

Paea would be a steal there, though with all the DE's and DT's who are ranking high, some of them are gonna drop. fingers crossed.

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