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Sorry I didn't get more info out durong the year - I;ve been working out of town for an a$$hole. No worries - I got let go last week.So....here it is

Well, we’re at that time of year again….BZ Fantasy Football Super Bowl. The final two teams standing are Derelict’s LUCK OF THE IRISH and Derek’s PRISON SHANKS

A little background information: We attempted to increase competition by breaking up the 12 team leagues into 4 three team divisions, to encourage more competition and smack talk. It didn’t work out that well. First, we still had uneven scheduling (although Yahoo said they would fix that.) More importantly, it affected our playoffs. We ended up with COMBAT BENGALS at 6 – 7 winning DIV III, but BILLY’S BOYS (7 – 6, 3rd in Division I and BENGALS 44 (6 – 6 – 1, 3rd in Division II) missed out. Actually, Divisions I & II compiled a combined 48 – 28 – 2 record; Division III & IV a reciprocal 29 – 49 tally. Life ain’t fair.


1) LUCK OF THE IRISH (10-3) Had both best record & most points, winning Div II. Drafting 11th, Derelict waited till the 9th & 10th to grab any QBs (Big Ben & Flacco). 1st Round Bye.

2) CHESTER ROMANS (9-4) – Won Div I. Drafted 2nd overall (M.Turner), then WRs (Megatron, R.Wayne). Dropped 2 games to Prison Shanks.

3) KEVINZ KRUSHERS (7-5-1) – Mr Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors scored the 3RD LEAST points in the league, yet won crappy Division III by winning last 3 games. Drafted 3rd overall, and grabbed 3 RB’s with first 3 picks (Forte, Barber, & P.Thomas). Wild Card Match-up with #6.

4) COMBAT BENGALS (6-7) – Won Div IV, despite a 6 game losing streak in Oct & Nov . Drafted 5th , and went QB (Brees)-TE-WR-K-DEF (Cincinnati), not picking a RB till the 6th round. Weird. Plays #5.

5) WEAPONIZED (8-4-1) – Drafted 1st, and finished 2nd in tough Div II by grabbing A.Peterson 1st, then BOTH P.Manning & A.Rogers back-to-back in the 2nd & 3rd. Goes against Combat Bengals in 1st round.

6) PRISON SHANKS (7-6) – 2ND in Div I despite dropping 3 of last 5. Undefeated in division. Drafted 8th , and grabbed S.Jackson-A.Johnson-A.Boldein at the top. Plays Krushers 1st round


- Behind Andre Johnson’s 42 points, Shanks roll the Krushers 138 – 107.

- WEAPONIZED sat both P.Manning and A.Petersen IN THE FREAKING PLAYOFFS!!!, and lost to the Combat Bengals 109-85


- IRISH need a little luck to squeak past CombatBengals 112 – 95

- SHANKS blast ROMANS 143 – 106 for the 3rd time this season behind 28 points from both Andre Johnson and Dallas Clark.

CHAMPIONSHIP – Top seeded IRISH face 6th seeded PRISON SHANKS. Last time they met, Irish came back from being 100 points down to win easily 135 - 116. This is a Pick’em.

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