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Contract Extensions


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Well We've had almost half the Regular season to see our guy's play and get good idea of what they bring...So who would you like to see Extended this off season? Because from what I remember from one of Hobsons Pieces were going to have alot of Free Agents (Starters & Key Players off top of my head)


FB:Jjohnson (did he sign 1 or 2 years?

WR:Chris Henry(RFA if year is uncapped.

TE:Coats? plz? if so let him walk!


OGuard:Bobbie Williams,Evan Mathis?(not sure if he signed 1 or 2 years)

Center:Kyle Cook(RFA)


Dtackle:Tank Johnson

Linebacker:Brandon Johnson

Safety:Roy Williams

Then we have quite a few players who will be Free agents in 2011 that could be targets for early extensions...

So these are the people I wouldn't mind getting early extensions...

1.)Kyle Cook Has play Great for the first 7 weeks...Not really at risk of losing him since he's a RFA for 2 years...But at same time wouldn't mind seeing him resigned early

2.)van Mathis The Guy has Great like Cook very surprising the type of play we got out of our Oline from players no one wanted...I've Ripped on paul Alexander in the past needing high draft pick's but he's doing a good job this year...

3.)Dennis Rolland Having Oline Depth is a Nice thing would love to be able to keep Rolland around,Who knows how does everyone feel about 6'9 Right Guard?

4.)Brandon JohnsonGuy has played good and our best coverage linebacker,He's going to wanna start but if we plan on kicking Rey Maualuga inside I wouldn't mind resigning Bjohnson and using him at SLB...

5.)Tank Johnson & Roy Williams things can change but I don't see them commanding huge deals but I wouldn't mind keeping them both around with 3-4 year extensions...

6.)Extending Jonathan Joseph He'll have one year left in his contract and I don't see him breaking bank atleast not yet so best to get him done before he becomes a FA...

7.)Chris Henry Carson loves the guy so if he's willing to give discount I'd have np keeping him...

8.)Cedric Benson I know people wanna run him to death for next 2 years and let him walk but I just find it hard not wanting to reward a player who's playing as good as he is...Really who thought he would be 1# Rusher week 5 & 7? Most people doubted he would be top 10 rusher outside of Bengal fans.

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Im kind of partial in these regards, and they may not be up yet, but I think the number one priority should be to resign the tandem of Jonathon Joseph and Leon Hall. They have the chance to be the premier CB tandem in the nfl for a long time.

For sure I just didn't mention Hall since he still has until 2012 but longer we wait probably more $$$ he gets in the end ^_^

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Holy Hell...what was the question? I can't concentrate with all the boobies bouncing about! :cheers:

1. Kyle Cook- I'm with you brotha, give this man his dough! Luigs might have been drafted as the potential future starter, but Cook has exceeded all expectations! I can't go back to another Girlchick kinda center play!

2. Evan Mathis and Dennis Roland- Both should be brought back, extended! You gotta love O-Line depth! I don't think either should start next year, I would love to draft a couple of guards in the draft!

3. Brandon Johnson- I agree with everything you said! He and Keith Rivers are our best cover linebackers and are a great tandem on Nickel situations! I wouldn't mind him starting next year, but I would rather draft or sign an upgrade next year and have Brandon be the universal backup!

4. Tank and Roy- Again, I would rather draft upgrades, but that might not be possible! Tank has been pretty solid depth for the D-Line! I had great expectations for Roy, but he hasn't done much and was hurt again yesterday b/c of his forearm! Something seems really wrong with his forearm! That's why he got put on IR for Dallas and why they released him! Roy was laying the wood and is just a leader, so if he gets healthy and finishes the year well...hell yeah I'd bring him back!

5. JJoe- Absolutely sign this sweet mother f'er now! He and Leon are the perfect tandem and compliment to each other!

6. Slim- Why the hell not bring him back? Carson loves him and he's such a freak! I can't imagine him playing anywhere else!

7. CedBen- I agree, he's our workhorse and deserves to be paid as such but we all saw how fast Rudi broke down after we ran him into the ground like we're doing to Ceddy Bear! This dude is a freakin beast and I think he's easily with Adrian Peterson as the Top 2 backs in the NFL!

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