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another local tv blackout next sunday?


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three in a row and a 4-4 record and paul brown stadium would have surely been a sell out for next week's game at home... now, the only way bengals fans will get to see their team play is on the road -- that's a shame because they play much better at home, it seems... and not just because of the home cooking (refs, as ravens coach billick might suggest)... I live 280 miles southwest of cincy in far western kentucky and am limited to when I can go see the bengals. I purchased the two-game ticket plan and look forward to dec. 28th against the browns... I challenge all bengals fans in the cincy area to back this team, and forget about mike brown, this marvin lewis guy is a winner and will turn the bengals around... I will be listening to next week's game via nfl.com on the internet... GO BENGALS. WHO DEY !!!!

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I went to the Seahawks game and the fans were more rowdy and seemed cocky. That was a hugh change from a few years ago when the fans expected bad things to happen and were quick to boo.

MB has alot to do with that but I can see it coming back and the fans are wanting to jump in but years of getting beat on makes them think twice. A win this week would go a long way towards attendance insurance for the rest of this year and next year too!

Lets hope the Bengals win, MB keeps the zipper locked , Marvin has another primo draft next year and Hawkins gets traded to the Bills!

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Hawkins gets traded to the Bills!

That just made my whole day.

I'll chime in here even though I can't see the games on TV, and I certainly can't drive to them.

I know the Bengals were really bad for a pretty damn long time, but still it's a chance to see live football for goodness sakes. Even if the Bengals lose this week, and I don't think they will, they have had some good games at home this year. Besides, it's the NFL people!!! I admit I'm a bit biased cause I'm lucky if I can catch any game every few weeks, and the Bengals every few years....But winning cures everything....So if they beat Houston, and heaven help them if they are able to beat the Chiefs(I have actually read that some sports writers are picking the Bengals as one of the toughest games that the Chiefs have left...least they ain't jumping off of the wagon yet) So maybe the Bengals can start getting more fans into the stands and hopefully sell out all 10(damn I'm optomistic :D ) games for next year


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I will be there, and hopefully many more. I heard Coach Lewis sent an email out to season ticket holders asking for thier support to help fill the Jungle for the rest of the season. I wont miss another home game this year.....


Compared to other teams with the same record, the Bengals have been drawing pretty good crowds. How many were at the game in Arizona .... something like 29 k ?? Coach Lewis would have really had a bad affect on the attendance with his crack about the fans if he hadn't apologized right away. Have to agree with Joisey Cats take on the apololgy too, but that's another matter.

To put it in perspective, you have to remember that he ( coach Lewis ) is spoiled rotten when it comes to fan support. In Washington, there is a waiting list for tickets that stretches into the distant future. People down there literally put their season tickets in their wills, and then there have been lawsuits over who should get them even then. Every game in Washington is a sellout and has been for at least the last 30 years or so. Before that he was in Baltimore where they won a Super Bowl. That'll do a lot for attendance. Before that it was Pittsburgh. Those people have SRO at high school games. They will go to any organized event that has people in football uniforms no matter what it is. In the spring and summer they stay home to watch the tapes they made form the previous season.

Then he comes to Cincinnati where people have such a deep hatred for the owner that they will spend money on airplanes to fly over the stadium trailing insults before they'll buy a ticket to see the game. Talk about culture shock. Even after witnessing it first hand, I don't think he really understood until he got the ........ feedback from his comment. He didn't know when making the bandwagon comment that at the end of last season, there was no bandwagon .... much less any people jumping on or off.

I'm glad you're gong to be there, and I hope they give you a good birthday present. I wish I could be there too, but I can also understand why people want to see a little more before they start showing up again. I think Marvin Lewis understands a little better now too.

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