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As much as I like Forest I don't see titles changing waists tonight...

BJ & Silva both win via submission

Very strange fights. I'm not really sure what even happened with Forrest there. I'm pretty disappointed though. It looked like he quit and ran away. I'm tired of seeing Silva win all the time... but he's so dominant. He looked like he was just toying with Griffin.

Penn was fairly impressive as I thought Florian had a good shot, and was in it up until the end (although I thought Penn probably won all the rounds). It is incredibly rare to see a black belt in BJJ get caught in a rear naked choke... like, almost never.

Strange night in the UFC.

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Ya looked like forest was fine as physical standpoint but at same time probably mentally demolished after not landing a single hit on silva where he was throwing most of the punches.

Or could have been this

"I heard his jaw was dislocated very early in the fight…then he took several more punches to the jaw. Apparently he can’t hear out of the ear on that side either. He left the octagon because he needed medical attention asap. At first they thought his jaw was broken, then said it was dislocated."


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