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Sims set to stop runners


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Sims set to stop runners

By Joe Reedy • jreedy@enquirer.com • August 2, 2009

GEORGETOWN, Ky. – Pat Sims showed promise in his rookie year with the Bengals. On the first day of full-contact drills Sunday, he stepped up and showed why he is first string at right defensive tackle.


During the Oklahoma Drill at Georgetown College, Sims made impressive stops in both of his matchups. The Oklahoma Drill – when a blocker lines up against a defender who tries to tackle the runner after the handoff – is one of the more exciting things to watch during the first weekend of camp because of the contact.

“It was very intense, but it’s that way every year. If you can’t get intense for the Oklahoma Drill I don’t know what you can say about your football team,” Sims said.

This year’s drill was even more of a spectacle because of the NFL Films cameras here for the “Hard Knocks” TV series. Normally held on one of the upper fields, this one took place on the main field and was early in the two-hour practice.

Sims established the tempo during the first matchup when he got leverage on guard Bobbie Williams and then upended running back Cedric Benson.

Later on, he was able to outmaneuver center Andrew Crummey, forcing him to his left, and then moved right to make the stop.

“I just went out there and played ball. It’s great, I love contact. It’s a physical game,” Sims said.

Drafted in the third round last year, Sims missed the first five games due to injury before returning to action, including starts in six of the last seven games. He finished tied for third on the line in tackles with 50, which is also the same amount as last year’s first-round pick, linebacker Keith Rivers.

When Tank Johnson was signed by the team in early April, many thought that he would have the inside track to the starting spot. But Sims looked good during the offseason organized team activities and minicamp and is listed as the starter.

Despite the current listing, Sims sees plenty of playing time for both this year.

“He’s like my big brother, we’re just gelling together,” Sims said. “It doesn’t matter who starts. Sometimes I’m going to play first and second downs and he’ll play third and sometimes it will be the other way around. There are also going to be times when we’re going to be on the field at the same time.”

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