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Official 2009 Multi Board party!!!!

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When: Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breakfast starts at 11:00am

Where: Breakfast, 11:00am @ Bob Evans at the I-71 and Pfeiffer Road (Exit 15) in Cincinnati


BLUE ASH, OH 45242

Watch the Draft at the Madeira Inn starting at 1:00pm

7717 Laurel Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45243

Then off to the Madeira Inn (my bar that I co-own with my in-laws) at 1:00pm for the Draft. We have the Back Room and Deck reserved. I have 2 TV's back there, plus 5 in the front section of the bar. There is a dart board in the back plus Cornhole on the Deck. There will be free giveaways all day!! Drinks are cheap and there will be food for a small cost. The Draft starts at 3:00pm with our 2nd pick slated some where between 8:00pm and 9:00pm. Once the 2nd pick has been made official, there will be Karaoke in the front area of the bar!

I hope most of you can make it!!

Confirmed Callers to the Radio Show:

Donnie Nickey, Tennessee Titans- 1:15

Chris Crocker (The Bengals Safety, not the Interwebs guy) 2:30

Chinendum Ndukwe: Will phone in several times throughout the day

Digger Bujnoch: 1-3 PM

Merf Trout, NFL Draf Prospect at Kicker: 3:30

Darryl Blackstock: TBD

David Canter, Agent for Rashad Jeanty : Sometime towards the end of round one

Lyle Masnikoff, Agent: 3:45

Jeremy Pittman, former DE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4:20

Josh Allen, NFL Draft Prospect at CB: 4:05

Tom Tumulty, Bengals MLB (Retired) :TBD

John Thornton, free agent DE/DT: TBD

Willie Willams, former Seahawks and Steelers CB, Super Bowl Champion: 2:45

S. George Alfonso, Agent: TBD

Possible Callers to the show:

John Randle, soon to be HOF DT

Kyle Brady, Former #9 overall pick at TE

Matt Sherry, Bengals TE

Mario Urrutia, Bengals WR

You guys are MORE than welcome to call in. The info is below:


Segment for the 1-3 Pod Cast

Call in numer is 347-884-9728


Segment for the 3-5 Pod Cast

Call in Number is 646-929-0625


Segment for the 5-7 Pod Cast

Call in Number is 646-929-0625

You all are more than welcome to call in, and I look foreward to hearing from you.


If you want to attend, please RSVP To MSmith@PrecisionFundingUSA.com

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