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Give me Jon Gruden

Whur CHad At?

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I would support that as well, Gruden is the complete opposite of Marvin Lewis, Marvin is a players coach while Jon Gruden doesn't take any s**t which I think this team needs. My brother is a Bucs fan and I was telling him we needed to swap coaches because we need a coach that's not gonna take any s**t and Marvin would coach a vet team in the Bucs that need a players coach. A plus is also Gruden calls his own offensive plays so goodbye Brat.

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I'd take the pass because Marvin is not the problem...two Chuckie is a good coach But I still think he's overrated ...If were going to talk about unrealistic things I would wanna see Tony Dungy come to us for a Tuna type roll....

Gruden vs Marvin

2002:12-4 \cough dungy \cough

2003:7-9 / 8-8

2004:5-11 / 8-8

2005:11-5 / 11-5

2006:4-12 / 8-8

2007:9-7 \ 7-9

2008:9-7 \ 4-11-1

Do you really think He could do a better job?Plus Mikey would never meet the circumstances to bring gruden in power,changes etc.


Posted by Mike Florio on January 16, 2009, 11:58 p.m.

A league source tells us that the decision of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to fire coach Jon Gruden came after ownership spent a couple of weeks collecting feedback from players regarding Gruden.

Per the source, a lot of the veterans were providing unflattering feedback as to their boss.

“He would say something to a player one day and the next do the total opposite,” the source said. “When he would cut guys, he wasn’t man enough to talk with them and guys thought that was cowardly.”

Those sentiments are consistent with things receiver Michael Clayton said in the wake of the move.

“It’s about showing more confidence in your players,” Clayton said. “He was kind of a turncoat. He’d tell you one thing and then do something else.”

It’s fairly safe to say that the Glazers also were collecting information from players – and hearing good things — about Raheem Morris, who reportedly has already been hired to replace Gruden. Otherwise, there’s no way that Morris would have gotten the job so quickly.

So his players got him fired.....Sounds like the Buccaners would want a Marvin type coach :P

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I don't want him either. Hearing what the players had to say about him is enough for me to know that type of coach in the Bengals organization would not be good. This team is young and having things like that happen would have a worse effect than what it did on a verteran team like the Bucs...

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Posted by Mike Florio on January 18, 2009, 11:28 a.m.

In a rollicking segment that commenced with Chris Mortensen leaving the holiday-obsessed Chris Berman speechless by being the first to wish him a happy Valentine’s Day, ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson summed up his thoughts on former Bucs coach Jon Gruden by calling him a “used car salesman.”

It was a reference to the common refrain regarding Gruden, whom multiple players have described as saying one thing and doing something else.

Mortensen also laid out the “laundry list” of factors that prompted the Glazers to dump a guy for whom they gave up two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and $8 million — and to whom they still owe nearly $16 million in unpaid salary.

Mort cited: (1) an extended period of relative mediocrity; (2) two seasons of unfulfilled expectations; (3) player discontent; (4) a reluctance to draft and develop a young quarterback; (5) the early success of young quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco; and (6) a shift in the fan base, which one loved “Chucky” but more recently was ready to rid themselves of Gruden.

Through the past two tumultuous days, Gruden has been silent. It’ll be interesting to see whether comments like those made on the air earlier today will draw him out of the weeds, and coax him into dropping a few “F” bombs.

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