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The Bengal Thing

Section 314 Row 20 (actually only 7 rows up)

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A situation has presented itself that may allow me to move seats......

Therefore I will be likely be selling my current tickets without the COA.

Section 314 Row 20 Seats 9,10

These seats are on the Bengals side about the 5-10 yd line. They are just underneath the canopy (which is nice on super sunny days and rainy days. The 300 sections has 2 levels the first level has 12 rows in section 314 and the second level starts at 13..... so row 20 is only 7 rows from the 2nd level...... not bad.

I love these seats, but as stated...... may be on the move.

These seats are being sold for face value of $72 a ticket.

Please reply here if you have a question (IE... how are the people around you....etc).... but PM me with any actual offers to purchase the whole package, or single-multi game packages.


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