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Jack McKeon and the Reds


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There's an article in the Dayton paper about Jack McKeon.

The owner took him out to the parking area where he presented him wth the keys to a black Mercedes Benz 500SL convertible worth $125,000. " Hell of a gesture" McKeon said. "That's what happens when you work for somebody who appreciates you. He's the best owner I've worked for."

Here's the good part

" The Cincinnati Reds wouldn't give me a $50,000 dollar raise to stay in 2000."

I went to my first game at Crosley Field. At the time, I thought that Kluszewski had to be the biggest and best baseball player in the world. I hate it when the club I've been a fan of my whole life comes off looking so bad, and I have to agree with the guy that's saying it.

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Letting McKeon go was the first of what turned out to be several terrible decisions on the part of Reds management. I think they badly underestimated his managing skills. He's just got a knack for who to start, where and when to make changes at positions, and the players really respond to him.

Word after the series was that he was going to get a 3 year deal with the Marlins. A GOOD one. The only way I would be happier for him was if it was with the Reds.

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