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after the Big 2 the DTs left + video


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Here are some of the top DTs video, Harrison for Arkanasa he only had High School video, you

could go to rivals.com and see other guys from every position to get a snapshot of who's out there.

After watching the video's and checking out their stats, here are the guys I think may have a high motor and have good stats. Every guy in the top 20 isnt that bad and I really wouldnt be upset with any of them I would just like to see the Bengals grad about 3 guys with all the picks they have.

Laws ND

Sims Aub

Moore Mary

Okam Tex

Dotson Ariz

Rubin Iowa St doesnt have good stats but is all over the place


Kentwan Balmer


DeMario Pressley


Pat Sims


Trevor Laws


Dre Moore Maryland


Red Bryant


Frank Okam



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Some DT guys left off the list:

Marcus Harrison (Ark) & Letry Guion (FLA ST) - both ahead of Okam, but w/ Character warts

Nick Hayden (WI) & Kendall Langford (Hampton) - more 3-4 DE's (think faster John Thornton)

Frank Morton (Tulane) & Andre Fluellen (Fla ST) - interesting sleepers (no video available at this time)

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the thing I saw in the video's with Okam is the QB literally had no time set up, that tells me either the centers in the Big 12 were very bad or this kid turned it up a notch this year I also look at their stats and guys with more than 4 sacks for a DT I felt was impressive. I like Sims, Moore, Okram, Laws the most and another guy who gets to the QB is Dotson check out his video, very fast for a big guy. All these guys had more than 4 sacks.


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