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ArmyBengal's Pseudo-Mock...


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Let me preface this post by saying I have never done this before and think that mocks (for the most part) are for fun only. Feel free to throw in your opinion, but bear in mind I'm just thinking out loud for the most part and gave us another 3rd...


1st- Keith Rivers/OLB/USC- We miss out on the top two DT's in Dorsey and Ellis and instead take the top rated OLB to bolster our LB Corps. I also don't think there is great quality at the LB position in this draft...

2nd- Chilo Rachal/OG/USC- The Bengals still need depth as I'm not sure how long Andrews can be the backup at every position and who knows if he will be here long term.

3rd- Martellus Bennett/TE/Texas AM- As much as I would rather see a bunch of defense, this is obviously a position the Bengals wish to upgrade and this is a guy they have been looking at.

3rd- Dre Moore/DT/Maryland- They didn't get their guy in the first, but still want to at least make an effort to provide some additional depth to the position.

4th- Josh Barrett/S/Arizona St.- Madieu is gone, DJ is not the answer, and as much as I liked what I saw out of the youngsters, I wouldn't mind seeing this move.

5th- Eddie Royal/WR/Virginia Tech- He's a little undersized, but with the unknown that is Chris Henry, and the uncertainty with Tab, Royal can stretch the field, and return both kicks and punts QUICKLY !!!

Honestly, I would prefer the Bengals trade down now in the first and pick up some additional picks and then use them to trade up in the top of the 2nd and get someone they may be targeting, but will probably be gone by the time they pick in the 2nd.

Anyway, the names may be interchangable, but these are the areas I see being addressed.

The later rounds I say, take your pick...


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Interesting picks. I'd be surprised if we didn't see a RB thrown in there somewhere.

I do think you're right on in them looking for a WR that can also return kicks. With Tab doing the job so well one year, and then being gone the next, I think they really noticed how much a good kick returner benefited the team, overall.

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