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Last 5 years.... Marvin's record OR Chad's stats??


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Yeah Chad needs to keep his mouth shut....stop the showboating, etc BUT did he play any defense in 2007? On the d-line? Defensive end?

Whatever knucklehead believes that Chad is the reason that the Bengals were losing in '07 needs to stop drinking the koolaid & get back on their meds & shutup.

Thanks Marvin for the turnaround but I don't think you can go any farther. 8-8 8-8 11-5 8-8 7-9 You've had 5 years Marvin & you're 4 games over .500

I remember when Marvin was hired. He was giddy as a guy going to his 1st prom knowing that he was gonna get lucky that night. Now he reminds me of Bruce Coslet (ouch that hurts) in the post game press interviews....same answers as Bruce gave & flipping a question back to the press. Do you think we are that stupid Marvin? "well we didn't do a good enough job blocking & we need to tackle better" GIVE ME A BREAK!! You come out at the draft party & talk about our 1st pick then take questions. A fan asks what about more tightend play or drafting a tightend & you rip his head off by asking him if we should get rid of T.J. or Chad...... what was that ship all about?

I've had season tickets for 27 years, gone to 55 away games (to those of you Bengal fans who have never gone to an away game you really don't know what it is to be a Bengal fan...just try wearing your stripes in another stadium taking all the ship & you will know what I mean), was lucky enough to go to both our superbowls. And after this 2007 season with everything going on I have absolutely NO idea which way this team is heading.

Marvin & Chad need to be locked in a room (might want to put Carson in there too) & get it worked out.

Marvin works for Mike Brown = job security. Don't have time to list how many coaches were kept for too long under Mike.

Snap out of it Cincinnati.....you really want to lose a reciever like Chad?

Where was this hey Chad, out-of-town-by sundown mob in 2005?

Oh yeah, they must have forgot..........we were winning.

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Nobody has said Chad is *the* reason for the losing record in '07. You're right, anyone who watched the team would be retarded to think that. However, I think you'd have to be equally drunk to believe that he performed as well in '07 as he did in '05. Or '06. Nobody has questioned his skills, but his drops went up in '07, and he and Carson simply weren't on the same page as evidenced by a huge number of busted routes, which Chad was all too happy to blame on the QB. Real professional there.

As to attitude, just like any other workplace a serious malcontent can crush employee morale and hurt the performance of the team. That goes anywhere, I don't think it would likely be different for football. Hell, look at the Super Bowl this year: Giants - a**h*** = Super Bowl win.

Now, there are a whole lot of other differences between the '07 Bengals and the Giants - like a pass rush and a defensive coordinator who's not a Neanderthal - but still, the effect of a locker room cancer can be pretty bad. And from the looks of things, '08 Chad is planning on making '07 Chad look calm in comparison.

By no mean do I want to see the Bengals lose Chad's skills. But I really want to see them lose his s**tty attitude and the effect it's having particularly on the passing game, and in the amount of time the rest of the team has to spend coddling his fragile little ego. I hope they can get rid of the attitude without trading him.

Bottom line is, there are a lot of things on this team to fix. But looking at the '05 playoff game where Chad completely lost his head, I have to question whether he could ever survive the pressure of a Super Bowl run and remain effective. Right now, I have to say I don't think there's a chance in hell. So you have to wonder, does Chad have what it takes to help take the Bengals to the promised land?

I honestly don't know either way. But his whining has finally gotten out of control, and needs to be addressed once and for all before next season. This crap needs to stop.

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The Bengals have enough problems to solve without filling a gaping hole at WR. They don't have a credible running game anymore. They don't have a credible pass rush. They have bookend questions on their OLine. Last thing they need is to fill Chad's shoes. Of course the last thing they need is a bitter Chad.

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