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Johnson out?


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The agent for disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson denied an ESPN report that indicated Johnson would sit out the 2008 season.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus told the Cincinnati Enquirer: "Chad Johnson will play football in 2008.'' He just didn's say it would be in Cincinnati.

Johnson is under contract with the Bengals through 2011. The total deal is worth $35.5 million, $16 million of which was paid in the past two years. Johnson's contract calls for a $3 million base salary in 2008, and he would count $6.3 million against the Bengals' salary cap next season. If they were to trade or release Johnson, which is highly unlikely, the Bengals would probably hold out for at least a second-round draft pock as compensation.

So what if the Bengals do trade johnson, will it be for Plaxico Buress, or maybe even Randy Moss(rumors saying he wants to leave Patriots), or he might just stay with the Bengals, so we can win the Superbowl next year!

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Keeping in mind Deion Branch netted a 1st rnd pick (and Deion Branch is no Chad Johnson), here's the list of teams I could see him being traded to (comments somewhat plagarized from Sporting News) if these teams don't go after wideouts in free agency:

-San Francisco: No wide out threat drags down their offense; Chad would be worth their 1st round pick (#29) as he can stretch the field and give Alex Smith a deep target to take pressure off Vernon Davis

-Philadelphia: Would be an improvement over who they have now (Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown) and worth their 1st pick (#19) but I doubt they'd give it up to get him (but you never know); at least their 2nd and 3rd

-Minnesota: The Vikings need at least one downfield threat; again probably wouldn't give up their 1st pick (#17) but if they packaged their 2nd and 3rd I think it'd be OK

-Tampa Bay: Joey Galloway is 36 yrs old and their other WR is Ike Hilliard; 'nuff said. I woudn't accept anything less than their 1st rnd pick (#20) from them

-Dallas: Don't tell me Jerry Jones wouldn't bite on this; Terry Glenn could be done and getting Chad to line up opposite T.O. could make them the favorites in the NFC for the Super Bowl next season. It'd be nice to get their first 1st rounder (#22) but would settle for their other one (#28)

-Jacksonville: This team lacks a receiver that defenses truly fear, but the Bengals may have to compete with them for a playoff spot next year and he could be a factor if the Jags and Bengals fight for a final playoff berth; for that I wouldn't take anything less than their first rnd pick (#26)

-Tennessee: They need a downfield threat (Justin Gage is nowhere close to being it) to compliment their running game and open up their offense. Also could be the Bengals nemesis for a playoff birth so you've got to get their first round pick (#26)

-Buffalo: They need more offensive weapons (besides Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch) so they could bite on a trade proposal; it'd be nice to get their first pick (#11) but I doubt they'd give that away for a receiver who only has five or six yrs left in him

-Oakland: Al Davis might just be crazy enough to get him and I would love it because by the time the Raiders become meaningful again, Chad won't be around to be a part of it. Aim for their 2nd and 3rd; 2nd and 4th may not be bad either depending on how their coin-toss goes.

-Miami: For some reason I can't explain, I think if he goes here, assuming Parcells would even want him, it will have meant the Bengals gave him up for next to nothing. I just don't think Bill Parcells would want Chad Johnson unless he got a huge bargain for him.

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so we can win the Superbowl next year!

Quite the imagination eh? ;)

He's likely not going anywhere. If he were I would look to Jerry Jones and Dallas swooping him up, assuming Brown did a 180, changed his ways and agreed to let him go. Jones has the cap room, has an extra disposable draft pick, and enjoys bad boys. I'd say J. Jones and Al Davis are about the only two who would throw any sort of decent deals the Bengals way for a trouble player.

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