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How many DT do we need?


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With the signing of D.Gardner, J.Thorton & T.Williams I think we have a good rotation of DT to play. Does that mean we don't look for a DT in the draft ( M.Washington ). I'd say ya. So that leaves us with opening at DE. (A.ODOM, W.Smith, M.Hill ) come in and play right away. CB C.Gamble, W.Poole could go at 24 but will they start or be a 3CB in nickel suitations. LB If J.Vilmea or DJ.Williams are there we could take them and them play behind Hardyand might beat him out this year. Saftey forget it we are set this year. So in conclusion we are looking at DE, CB, LB :player:

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I honestly think that DE is a priority.

* Tony Williams will probably be released, or restructures his contract, because as Marvin Lewis has stated before, "if you are paid to start and you don't , then you're outta' here " !

- This move should happen once a Daryl Gardner signing becomes official.

A DT with size to add into the rotation to come along early and often should come on day 1. Where is anyone's guess, but landing a DE should be a high priority.

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