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Kazkals 3rd crap mock

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I bunched players by postion too much IMO trying hit what the fans of those teams wanted...ohwell here it is.

Round 1

Pick: 1 Oakland---Jamarcus Russel

Calvin Johnson or AP are possible picks...but IMO steelers will have a shot at mcfadden next year if not it's deep RB class.

Pick: 2 Detroit ---Brian Brohm

Lion fans rejoice when brohm enters.

Pick: 3 Cleveland--- Adrian Peterson

Joe thomas could be the pick...but browns should wait and pickup guards in later rnds.

Pick: 3 Tampa Bay ---Calvin Johnson

no Brainer?

Pick: 5 Arizona ---Joe Thomas

No Brainer?

Pick: 6 Washington ---Gaines Adams

Him or Branch?

Pick: 7 Minnesota ----Dwayne Jerrett

Chance of them taking quinn? I know you guys have jackson but does he have enough upside to pass on a possible franchise QB?

Pick: 8 Houston ---Alan Branch

Continues to build a giant defensive line.

Pick: 9 Miami ---Jamaal Anderson

Jason taylor is getting older...but this guys to play on his other side for a fearsome pair

Pick: 10 Atlanta---Reggie Nelson

Pick: 11 San Francisco ---Laron Landry

---I thought about Okoye if they do wanna go 3-4..2 of the Best 3-4 teams took a NT rnd 1 (wilfork & hampton)

Pick: 12 Buffalo ---Darrelle Revis

---replacement for clements

Pick: 13 St. Louis---Patrick Willis

Tackle machine for a team who has troubles vs the run.

Pick: 14 Carolina---Brady Quinn

I know panther fans will hate this pick...but with nelson,landry and willis all gone figure might take a shot on brady,

Pick: 15 Pittsburgh---Jared Gaither

Aged Oline...Jared Gaither is raw but the vets should be good enough well he gets coached up.

Pick: 16 Green Bay --- Marshawn Lynch

Resign Green? they may but still could use a play making RB for a young QB who got injured in his first game.

Pick: 17 Jacksonville---Michael Griffin

Pick: 18 Cincinnati ---Jarvis Moss

Only if Justin smith walks...which is how i'll treat it till he is under contract or tagged....Jarvis could also bring back talks of 3-4 defense.

when the bengals missed out on lawson.other possible picks would be Hall,mccauley,Timmons or Okoye

Pick: 19 Tennessee ---Teddy Ginn

a young weapon for VY

Pick: 20 NY Giants---Leon Hall

Pick: 21 Denver --- Anthony Spencer

Pick: 22 NE (from Sea) * --- Lawrence Timmons

Pick: 23 Dallas * ---Levi Brown

Pick: 24 Kansas City * --- Robert Meachem

Pick: 25 New Orleans * ---Brandon Siler

Pick: 26 NY Jets * ---Michael Bush

Pick: 27 Philadelphia * --- Quentin Moses

Possible try convert him to SLB...if not just stacking the trenchs.

Pick: 28 New England * ---Marcus mcCauley

Pick: 29 Indianapolis * --- Earl Everett

Pick: 30 Baltimore * --- LaMarr Woodley

possible replacement for thomas?

Pick: 31 Chicago *--- Arron Sears

Pick: 32 San Diego * --- Sidney Rice

Round 2

Pick: 1 Oakland --- Joe Staley

Pick: 2 Detroit---Ryan Harris

Pick: 3 Cleveland --- Justin Blalock

Sign Steinbach and they could have very servicable line.

Pick: 3 Tampa Bay--- Brian Leonard

Pick: 5 Arizona --- Daymeion Hughes

Pick: 6 Newyork Jets---Amobi Okoye

Pick: 7 Minnesota ---Zach Miller

Pick: 8 Houston ---Kenny Irons

Pick: 9 Miami ---Buster Davis

Pick: 10 Atlanta ---Charles Johnson

Pick: 11 San Francisco --Dwayne Bowe

Pick: 12 Buffalo --- HB Blades

Pick: 13 St. Louis ---Glenn Dorsey

Pick: 14 Carolina --- Brandon Merriweather

Pick: 15 Pittsburgh --- Desmond Bishop

---this burns me because I <3 bishop

Pick: 16 Green Bay ---Jeff Samardzija

Pick: 17 Jacksonville---Rufus Alexander

Pick: 18 Cincinnati ---Chris Houston

Pick: 19 Tennessee ---Aaron Ross

Pick: 20 NY Giants ---Tank Tyler

Pick: 21 Denver ---eric weddle

Pick 22 Seattle --- Manuel Ramirez

Pick: 23 Dallas * ---Johnnie Lee Higgins

Pick: 24 Kansas City * ---Justin Harrell

Pick: 25 New Orleans * ---Fred Bennett

Pick: 26 NY Jets * ---Adam Carriker

Pick: 27 Philadelphia * ---Tony Hunt

Pick: 28 New England * ---David Harris

Pick: 29 Tampa Bay---Dan Baziun

Pick: 30 baltimore ---Colt Brennan

Pick: 31 chicago * ---Jon Beason

Pick: 32 San Diego * ---Anthony Waters

Round 3

1.)Raiders --- Anthony Gonzalez

2.)Lions --- Victor Abiamiri

3.)Browns--- Troy Smith

4.)Tampa Bay---Quinn Pitcock

5.)Cardinals --- Ryan Kalil

6.)Denver--- Ryan McBean

7.)Vikings--- Ben Grubbs

8.)Texans--- Eric Wright

9.)Miami---Jordan Palmer

10.)Falcons---Traded to Raiders for moss---Kyle Young

11.)49ers--- Kareem Brown

12.)Bills--- Tim Duckworth

13.)Rams--- Sabby Piscitelli

14.)Panthers--- Justin Warren

15.)Steelers--- Doug Datish

16.)Green bay--- Tim Crowder

17.)Jaguars--- Justin Hickman DE


19.)Titans John Wendling

20.)Giants - Lorenzo Booker

21.)Broncos - Joe Newton

22.)Seattle- Matt Spaeth -to replace stevens

23.)Cowboys- Stanley Doughty

24.)Chiefs - Samson Satele

25.)Saints- Greg Olsen -

TE clump lol.

26.)Jets Jake Kuresa

27.)Eagles Aaron Rouse

28.)Patriots Josh Gattis

29.)Colts - Josh Beekman

30.)Ravens Tanard Jackson

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Jarvis Moss and Chris Houston would be great and cover what the Bengals need most on defense with outstanding prospects at pass rush and pass defense.

I see you got Jared Gaither in there in the 1st but has he delcared? He's big and potentially great but would probably help himself a lot by switching back to LT for his senior year and showing he's a Top 5 player.

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Preatty sure he did because Football future was in a uproar thinking it was a mistake.but figure he had enough upside that he should be 2nd linemen off the board.raw but still can't teach some of the stuff he has.

I don't have a official link but it was all over football future because most thought it was a mistake...but I thought he had enough upside to be 2nd linemen off the board.

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I'm still not finding that Gaither has officially entered...but I agree with you, his upside is as enormous as he is and he does have experience at both bookends. If he does enter, I wouldn't mind seeing him in stripes at #18. Give him a year behind Big Willie then let him take over from there. A player like Gaither doesn't come around too often.

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I'll add on a couple 3rd rounders you got who played in the Hula Bowl -- Kyle Young and Jake Kuresa.

Got the feeling that Young only played in the game because Pat Hill was coach since Young is also slated to play in the Shrine Game. Guy is a massive center who gets into the second level pretty quick for his size and holds his own at the line vs. DT rush. Probably a good bet for the 3rd.

Kuresa ended up playing LG for the West team, which was somehwat surprising since he played RT for BYU. Didn't think he had the quicks to get it done at LG and doubt he gets looked at there. I'm guessing Kuresa slided into Day 2.

There were some Hula Bowl players who look like they got a shot to creep into Day 1 late:

Tavo Tupola is a longshot but played LT like he did at Utah and as a former TE he's pretty athletic in space and strong at the point.

Yamon Figurs can flat out fly as a return man and has the acceleration at WR that teams will covet for quick slants and deep balls.

Anthony Arline is a big rangy corner who is a lesser version of Daymeion Hughes.

Chad Nkang plays all over the field from OLB. Only problem is size but he's fierce and fast and a team could look at him like a Jon Alston from last year.

There were some other players who performed well and definitely helped themselves: C.J. Ah You, Jay Richardson, Sergio Gilliam, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Willie Gaston, Ramzee Robinson and Terry Richardson.

The RBs looked like they helped themselves to get more looks for getting drafted: Curtis Brown, Nate Ilaoa, Dwayne Wright, Arkee Whitlock and Justise Hairston, who runs with power and catches the swing pass well but whiffed on a blitz pickup of Alama-Francis for a near sack.

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Yeah Gaither would've changed things. Hard to believe he wouldn't have been the 2nd O-lineman taken.

I'll lay some more observations down about some of your 2nd and 3rd rounders who played in the Shrine Game:

Desmond Bishop: This guy could very well be the only LB who could actually swing all 7 LB positions in both bases. He shoots gaps very fast and plays at the line with pop. In coverage, he gets excellent depth and has the lateral speed to get where he needs to be. He had troubles wrapping up receivers twice after contact but he's a hitter in space. He got snubbed by the Senior Bowl but he's still should get the chance to show his skills at the Combine. Late 2nd or 3rd I'd say, but this is a solid LB class.

Dan Bazuin: He had 2 sacks, just absolutely blowing by LTs. He's probably the 2nd quickest edge rusher behind Jarvis Moss in this draft and I'd say 2nd but the rap on him will still be size and he could fall.

Kyle Young: Enoka Lucas got the start for the West but Young is clearly the more powerful C. For he right team, he'd be a good power fit at C or RG but he's not exceptionally mobile and still shows he can get knocked off blanace somewhat, though he still seems able to always maintain his block in protection. Given he won't fit with some O-line schemes, 3rdmay be too high but we'll see.

Sabby Piscitelli: He laid some wood on Brent Celek but Celek held onto the ball for a 1st down. He's got the range and straightline speed to appeal to some teams as a safety but given his frame, he could make an excellent weakside backer with some weight. Probably worth a 3rd or 4th.

Justin Warren: Great size but he's probably looking at getting cornered as a 4-3 SSLB and maybe a left inside backer in a 3-4. I'd say he's borderline but more likely a Day 2 player.

Justin Hickman: He had no chance pass rushing from RDE vs. Doug Free and Mario Henderson also handled him even though Hickman was able to come from way around the outside back into the pocket for a sack while Drew Tate took his sweet time surveying the field. I'd say Hickman is undersized for a DE, deosn't have enough quickness to make up the difference and doesn;t look likely to convert to a 3-4 OLB, which IOW, he's Day 2.

John Wendling: Total bada$$ vs. both run and pass. He had a chance to show some leap on underneath coverage on a ball thrown over his head -- I'd say high 30's. The guy roves all over the field and should be the better safety prospect than Sabby. He should go by Round 3.

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