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New NFL Draft countdown mock up

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There's a pretty good draft for the Bengals up on: http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/

It has us getting Dockett, Grove, Clarrett and Dave Ball. Gamble has really slipped it has him going to the eagles at 29. I'd probably prefer Dockett though because i have faith in Coach Lewis to motivate him and give him more of a team centered attitude. With the guys they have availiable i would go.

1st. Darnell Dockett (Insurance or successor for Gardener)

2nd. Bob Sanders. (I know Grove is there but I simply love this kid)

3rd.a. Ricardo Colclough (Insurance for O'neal)

3rd.b. Dave Ball (Good run stuffing de)

To be Richie's sucessor i would draft Stephanovich in the 4th

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I think I'd have to make a few changes...

1. Antwan Odom. - the age of Clemons/Powell, and the fact that neither are paid beyond '04 makes DE a priority.- And teaming him with Smith should be huge.

2.Jake Grove - Randy Starks is there, and he'd be really interesting to bring into the mix, but couldn't pass up highest rated player at the C position. - I would try to make a deal with someone (Dillon) perhaps for N.E. #56 pick to get Starks though.

3.I like Clarett, I always have, and getting him in the 3rd would solidify the running back spot.

3b- Whatever DT is still on the board. - Might take a chance on Jordan Carstens there or DeMarco McNeil.

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1. Randy Starks - wide body run stuffer who be an immediate starter teamed with Gardner or Thorton but IMO he wont be there at 24. if he's on the board at 23 Seattle will snatch him.

2. Jake Grove - anchor the middle of the o-line for years

3. Ricardo Colcough

4. David Bell

with all due respect to the Clarrett lovers out there, he's the same kind of me-first RB we're trying to get rid of. i would't draft him with a 7th round pick

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Jake Grove OC | (6'3", 303)

Ranks 31 in the top 329 ranking of college players by scouts.inc

Grove is a tough, blue-collar run blocker. Is a nasty fistfighter type who will work to finish every block. Is a relentless player.

Doesn't wow you with his physical skills as a pass blocker, but he blocks with excellent leverage in pass protection. Does the little things right.

Has the leverage, strength and toughness to anchor against nose tackles head-up on him. Has great awareness.

Does an excellent job of picking up blitzes and stunts.

Grove lacks exceptional athleticism, but that is about the only weakness in his game.

Grove is the best center prospect in this class and should be a late first or early second-round pick.

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What other team is looking for a center besides the Bengals?

Also, how would you compare Faine taken by the Browns last year, at the end of the 1st rd. to Grove?

Grove is a much better center...But I'm baised.

I don't see Grove making it to the end of the round unless there is a run on one postition and it allows several other players to slip down simply because the teams at the bottom of round 1 will be drafting the best player and not need....Of course I wouldn't mind seeing the bengals trade down to the bottom of round 1, or out of the round all together and get some extra picks and still nab Grove...I've said it before, but the Center spot really worries me cause after Richie, who is as old as the hills, there ain't nobody....

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What other team is looking for a center besides the Bengals?

Also, how would you compare Faine taken by the Browns last year, at the end of the 1st rd. to Grove?

The Giants,Cardinals,and of course the Patriots could all look to grab a center. The Giants re-signed Chris Boben, and the Patriots have a quality center but they did lose Damien Woody to the Lions. The Cardinals need depth along their interior line, so they could look to grab him , but they have far more pressing needs. The Panthers also lost 3 starters via free agency so adding someone like Grove at the # 31 spot or Vernon Carey would make a lot of sense for them.

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