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Offensive Lineman


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I think a strong case can be built for each of these OL.

1) These two guys are can't miss and are high quality picks.

2) They can both play two positions Guard and Tackle or Center and Guard for years to come.

3) This will be Carsons first year and we need to do everything possible to protect him and help him succeed. These guys can insure that it will happen.

4) Corey will most likely be gone and Rudi will be starting his sophmore season. Rudi's job would be alot easier with Jake or Vernon no doubt about it.

5) As it stands at this moment; I don't think we are better on

the Offensive Line than last year.

6) A Dt is sorely needed, but why not address it in Rd.2 and Rd.3. along with DE.

Our Offense would be extremely solid and Carson would have his best chance along with Rudi.

Don't forget that Thorton played hurt at the end of last year.

That being said, Tony williams is no longer a starter and needs

to be replaced with an immovable object. There is urgency!

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Don't forget about Shawn Andrews. I doubt he will fall to us, but he would be a great pick. Could you imagine Rudi running on the right side behind Anderson and Andrews with Steinbach pulling. It would remind me of the Buckeye days when Korey Stringer at tackle and Orlando Pace at guard blocking for Eddie George.

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I think Andrews would be a huge pickup, however, don't think he will be there at #24. If we are talking about Centers, I say wait until the second or third and go after Stepanovich or Leckey. Both are big and quick and have the ability to play at the pro level. If we are talking O-line and Andrews being gone at #24, then I think Carey is beyond a shadow of a doubt your pick. Once again, you have to love the limitless possiblities at the #24 pick for us. What a great trade !!!


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Huddle Report

Vernon's growth as a dominating offensive lineman has been stunted because he is so versatile. Right now he has to think too much before he reacts. With this in mind he still is one of the best OL’s in this draft. Vernon is not your flashy type of lineman. He is very steady and does his job. I think that for the pro’s he might make a great center. That position would be where he would be the most impacting IMO. He has the temperament, leadership ability, and size along with quickness. He has good enough feet to block a MLB in the 4-3 and the power to handle a nosetackle one-on-one in the 3-4. I think that Vernon has the ability to re-define the center position to a new standard in the pros. Normally, if Vernon was dominant at one position, I would rate him as the second best offensive lineman in this draft behind Gallery. He is, at this stage, a very good lineman and a possible project at the Center position. Therefore, I have to rate him behind Andrews. I will be honest, if I was able to work him out for the Center position and he passed, I would rate him above Andrews. Then he would be a two or three position player and on my board it would move him in front of a limited one-position player. (See Andrews profile). Remember, I do not rate players according to profiles on other sites. I rate players to how well they play and how well their skills will translate to the pro game. I look at film all through the season and make my judgments based on that. Vernon will move up in this draft. He is a very safe pick and a player that a lot of teams will notice as we get closer to draft day. I believe on some boards he will be rated ahead of Andrews. On my personal board it will not take much for that to happen. Vernon is the most complete and best lineman to come out of the Miami program in years.

High Praise! Hell he can play three postions.

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