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The other teams in the AFC North


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The Bengals aren't the only team making changes in the Offseason. Having not won a game in the new AFC North I thought It might be a good idea too look at the other three teams.

Baltimore Ravens Not made a lot of noise this offseason. However they look solid and continue to rebuild. However there big question mark is at QB. Can Redman come back from his back injury? If not does that mean a rookie QB under center? Could be a long year for them if that's the case

Cleveland Browns Hah! The other Ohio team has gone way down hill since last years lucky playoff run. Cutting some of their best defensive players, and a QB controversy. They will be lucky to get over six wins this year.

Pittsburgh Steelers The defending champs of the AFC north. They look good to repeat. However I'm still not sold on Maddox as a long term answer at QB, and they haven't shown the abilty to ever develop a young QB.



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out of this bunch the only team that worries me is the steelers and i'm not worried that much they only have 3 great players maddox/bettis/randle el

1- maddox give him a good hit he runs scared

2-bettis sorry but the bus dont run much anymore

3-randle el good rookie year but this year every body will be gunning for him :rolleyes:

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Definately. Randle El isn't an every down player so that restricts what he can do. Second, teams know to expect the things he does. This doesn't make him less dangerous. But what it does is make teams bite less on his touches and punt and kick away from him. Maddox has to prove he can carry a team. He hasn't done it in all his time in the NFL. Bettis is a shell of his former self. However it's in the Bengals interest for him to play so that the Steelers don't actually bother getting another running back, or letting Amos Z get the ball. Of course saying this, even injured Bettis has lit the Bengals up pretty bad.

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