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GABP ranked #12 in SI poll


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After spending a weekend in Houston and catching a Reds game there this season, I would think Minute Maid Park would be higher. Based on the areas looked at for their rankings, I think MMP would have been much higher.

When it started raining, the retractable roof came on and the A/C kicked on as well. It was an awesome park and would have rated it higher...


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Not bad.....


Any agreements/disagreements with the poll????

I travel a lot and try to visit as many stadia as possible when I'm on the road. Several comments:

- RFK is HORRIBLE! Worst park ever! (Tropicana and Dolphin Stadium arre pretty awful too)

- I like the Dbacks park and Citizens (Phillies) better than GABP

- Criteria must not include tradition/character, else Fenway and Wrigley (largest gay bar in America) would both be MUCH higher

-I hate admit it but the Cards new park is quite nice

-NO WAY Metrodome or Miller Park are better than GABP

- Jacobs and the Cell are both really nice, the only problem is they're in Cleveland and the south side of Chicago :lmao:

- Camden and ATT (SF) are both really nice too.

- I would have expected Safeco (Sea) and Petco (SD) to be rated higher.

- Oakland's stadium is a dump, they deserve better

- dodger stadium is really cool too.

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I like MMP in Houston also. I've only been there once, but really enjoyed the park. I also think Turner Field in Atlanta should be ranked higher.

Ameriquest Field in Arlington totally deserves a Top 5 rating. It is the best park I have ever visited. The "Legends of the Game" museum inside the park is awesome.

I haven't made it to GABP yet, hopefully I can the next time I'm in town.

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