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Free agent signings change draft.

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With Marvin's best player available (not necessarily a need) mentality, we could be looking to make the surprise pick of the First round. A Warren Sapp signing, would definitely change our defensive line need, and the signings of Herring,Webster,Johnson,Myles,and Braham, definitely address other need picks, So what's gonna happen come time for us to pick at # 17...??

--The real surprise will be, would be Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones..! Yeah , we know that we'll be trading Dillon, and Rudi isn't a sure thing, but Jackson and Jones would give us a legitimate backup threat, and a longterm answer to Rudi etc...Plus drafting a running back in the middle of the 1st wouldn't cost anything more , than an average salary (with Bonus) around a (1) mil a year.

We could also draft Vernon Carey the top rated Guard from Miami (fla.) . Carey paired with Steinbach, and a future center would make Cincy's line easily comparable to the one that gave Brooks' and Woods' 5 yards a pop in the late 80's and early 90's.

Of course, the obviouse selection would be another Lineman, and considering that Udeze,Wilfork,and Harris, would be gone, perhaps Hall, and Gamble as well..? then I say our selection should be Will Smith de Ohio St. The Added Speed along with Sapp's presence in the middle could turn the (Smiths') into Simeon Rice's on passing downs..

what'll you guys think..?

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