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Top 20 picks!


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1. E.Manning

2. L.Fitzgerald

3. M.Williams

4. B.Rothlisberger

5. R.Gallery

6. S.Andrews

7. K.Winslow

8. S.Taylor

9. T.Harris

10. Roy Williams

11. K.Udez

12. V.Wolfolk

13. Reggie Williams

14. W.Smith

15. C.Gamble


Still on the board if this worst case happens is W.Poole, R.Starks, D.Hall, J.Vilmea for us to select.

What we need is for a team to draft one of the RB K.Jones or S.Jackson before our 17th pick then it pushes down one of the players.

Who do you think might draft one of these RB before our pick?

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Knowing Cowher.. he'll probably address the o-line if andrews falls, or a cornerback. Lb is a possibility because they actually don't have a lot of depth, and I think they a lb too.

Detroit probably wants one of the playmakers... Winslow jr. or Sean Taylor. Could jump on Mike Williams or Larry Fitzgerald if one of them slips, But I'm pretty sure their draft pick is determined by whoever gets by washington at # 5.

Tampa Bay is a reality though. They have holes at WR,LB, and RB. McCardell and Charles Lee are hardly something to worry about, and Jurevicious is too injury prone to be counted on.Have to think they're looking at Rashaun Woods or Lee Evans.

I don't know about you, but when the 49ers and the Bucs come on the clock.. I"m gonna be nervous as hell especially if one of the Big 3 lineman are still available.

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