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  1. I like your draft, but I like the te out of kentucky Tammn better. He should be a steal in 3 or 4. I would trade down if possible. By trading down 5 or 6 spots;we could get another 2 or 3. Then we could draft a lb like rivers, or Harvey; and then come back with a dt like Balmer in the 2nd. WHODEY
  2. options for draft

    I'm not saying Hawk would fall into the 20's;I'm saying there are things known as trades. Maybe you didn't realize this. We could easily trade up for Hawk or Vernan Davis. Why go safety in the first round. There are plenty of good safeties in free agency. Now that we're a respectable team , players should have no trouble coming to play for the Bengals. WHO DEY
  3. options for draft

    I think we should go te in the 1st round. Ilike Lewis And the kid from Maryland. Is there anybody out there in free agency who we could get at d tackle and safety? If we could get a d lineman or safety in free agency ,it would give us more options in the draft. I have read freeney is a free agent. How sweet would he look in stripes. Another thing we could do is draft a lb like Hawk and put Pollack back at de. One thing else i would like to see is a kickoff kicker who can drive the ball. That way Graham could concentrate on field goals.
  4. Why Not Sabathia

    The Cleveland newspaper reported the Indians were rebuffed again on their trade offer for Joe Randa. It was reported the Indians offered C.C. Sabathia. Why would Obrien turn this down. He must not think we need a #1 STARTER.
  5. O'brien Please Call Yankees ASAP

    Why would you want Aybar when you could have Kendrick instead. I heard a couple of interesting rumors on espn. One is Dunn to the Dodgers for their 2 top pitching prospects(Jackson and Billingsley). Also Griffey to the Braves for Davies and minor league catcher Pena. these trades would be far better.Think of a rotation of Harang,Clausson,Jackson,Billingsley,and Davies. I could live with that. Billingsley has 101stikeouts in 85 innings;not to shaby.Plus Pena is one of the Braves best prospects. I forgot to mention that Randa would be included in the Griffey trade. I have also heard the reds were interested in Orlando Hudson 2nd base for Toronto.
  6. Getting Reds Back to World Series

    Another prospect who would be good is 1b Howard in the Phillies minor league system. Hes got awesome power and is batting.375. I here that Houston is wanting to trade for Adam Dunn. Backe is a good young starting pitcher;and Lidge is a good closer. As for 2nd base I like Kendrick better than Aybar.Hes batting .380. I also heard the Braves were interested in Kearns And Dunn. I wouldn't mind seeing Davies or Estrada in a reds uniform either. Another two pitchers who could be #1 starters are Bonderman of Detroit,and Harden of Oakland. REDSFAN2510
  7. Fantasy Football For Bengal Fans

    I forgot to tell you the league id #. It is 80500. I think you will need it to sign up. REDSFAN2510
  8. A freind of mine jusy set up a fantasy football league on yahoo for Bengal Fans. Its free to play ,and should be pretty fun. The league name is BENGALS FANS LEAGUE ,and the password is jungle. Everyones welcome to join. REDSFAN2510
  9. So who is gonna play strong safety?

    I think Body should get a shot at strong safety. Hes very fast for a safety and had alot of ints at Toledo. I like the idea of a safety with corner speed. Speed can make up for alot of mistakes. REDSFAN2510
  10. 7 Round Draft Guru Mock

    Mark my words if we draft James,people will start calling us the Bungles again. He has a real bad hip that could end his career on any play. Its the same injury Bo Jackson had; and we saw how fast his career was over. We need a (healthy) player. REDSFAN2510
  11. If Hawthorn is available in the 3rd;I say we should take a chance on him. REDSFAN2510
  12. Who's your 1st round guy on defense?

    Why would anyone want Erasmus James ? He's a injury waiting to happen. I like Merriman. If he is gone ,I say we trade down and draft Poole. He is already being compared to Ed Reed. With the extra pick we could pick up a lb like Rudd or Blackstock. Two other lb's would be good pickups in the later rounds. They are Grgsby and Boley. REDSFAN2510
  13. Shaun Cody or Channing Crowder

    I don't think Chowder is a good pick. Hes a walking injury list. Marvin would not put up with his attitude. I would like to see us trade down and select dt Mike Patterson.In the 2nd we could pick Odell Thurmanlb,and with the extra pick we would pick up we could select Shazor ss. I would like to see us wait till next year for a center. The experts say there are at least 2 future pro bowl centers next year.They are Greg Eslinger and Mike Degory. Larry Moore can back up Brahm . We could then pickup another defensive player in round 3.Boley oslb or Luis Castillo dt would be good in stripes. REDSFAN2510
  14. Next step with the 17th pick ??

    I think unless someone drops into our lap at 17;we should trade down. we could then draft Shazor(ss) and Tuck (de or Olb). If we picked up a extra 2nd;we could pick up Thurman mlb or Castillo Dt. Chris Henry is also an option. He has good speed . REDSFAN2510
  15. I think two wide receivers really stood out in the combine. They are Harvey and Robey. They both were in the 4.3's in the forty. With that speed they could really stretch the feild. Chad would really like not being double teamed. Also I think we could steal a safety in the later rounds. His name isMarvel Underwood. He covers well and likes to hit. I also think we could get a good lb in MCcune. He is another fast athlectic player. They say teams that draft well in the later rounds become champions. Hopefully we can do just that. REDSFAN2510