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  1. New MLB

    After watching the 1st 2 games it is apparent to me that we need a new MLB, this is just a continuation of last season when we got trampled by the other teams running backs especially RRice... TRichardson looked like AP yesterday...Every time, he is either on the ground, or chasing the play and it seems like he is always out of position, if he is still worried about his knee, let VBurfict start...
  2. Carson Palmer Thread

    ESPN reports 2 1st round picks 12 and 13 boy this is good...
  3. Carson Palmer Thread

    Great deal MBrown will get a thumbs up from me...I can see a CB or RB in next years draft...
  4. Rookie Review: Dalton v. Palmer

    I'm very pleased with Red Rifle as Dave Lapham calls him 0 turnovers, played Denver game with a hurt wrist, 1 bad decision in taking sack in 4th qtr, but he's a rookie, CPalmer retiring might have been a blessing in disguise, surely someone would have a pick 6 by now in only 2 games...
  5. Carson Palmer Thread

    I read today in my local newspapers sports section by a writer named Bob Matthews, that the Colts are trying to get CPalmer and if they can't get him the are going after DGarrard former Jaguars QB, anybody here anything about this...
  6. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Just got out of work after 12hrs, watching NFLN Redzone on my phone, was very pleased with the effort...That 1 running play that they run to the right side has been big since PS, Love the way the D is playing...This is the best season opener for me ever, Bengals win Steelers/Cowboys lose
  7. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Do we really suck that bad, that the Clowns are 6-1/2 point favorites, maybe I'm biased but I just can't see it...I really think that they are going to get pressure on the QB this year, and with this West coast offense with short passes, even ADalton can handle that...We will be a better running team with ASmith, and play action will be key...
  8. Carson Palmer Thread

    I would love to win it ANY year.
  9. Carson Palmer Thread

    I would love to win a SB this year, and give CPalmer a big up yours and f@#k you a**hole...
  10. Official 2011 Season Prediction Thread

    They may have a running game to take some pressure off the young QB, they may go 8-8, defense doesn't look to bad may surprise...
  11. Chad Ochocinco's Big Adventure

    I agree with every1 the when he was CJohnson he cared about winning and doing what he could to try and help this team win, but win he was Ochocinco it was all about him...I don't have anything bad to say about Chad, I got 2 of his PB jerseys, I would like to say thank you for the years, and wish him the best...Wouldn't it be something if he went to NE like CDillon and get a ring...
  12. Fans taking sides? and little opinion on 85

    We all have to be. What we had wasn't working. To be truthful I thought the Bengals would be a powerful force in the league last year, and I was horribly wrong. It's time to re-shuffle the deck and play a different set of cards, and I like the ones we hold now. Billy I was in the same boat with you after winning the division the year b4, and adding T.O. I thought that was all we needed, this season was just painful to watch...
  13. Great signs in this draft

    I'm happy with the draft, the last few drafts as a matter of fact...but I heard on ESPN last night that we are the only team who has not sent any of their draft picks from the last 8 drafts to a PB, I like the picks but I don't think they are getting the best teaching...
  14. Fans taking sides? and little opinion on 85

    I am ready to move on CPalmer doesn't want to be here let's get a 2nd rd. pick for him...As for CJohnson I dk if he wants to be here or not, if he wants to play then play if not let's get a 4-5 rd pick and move on...
  15. 4th Round: Clint Boling, OG, Georgia

    They do seem to have a hard-on for Georgia players, ESPN said he can play at least 3 positions, gotta love that...