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  1. Bengals searching for veteran TE?

    I think the Bengals drafted Coffman KNOWING that he had to bulk up, learn to block in a proset and seperate better.. They knew this ... They drafted him because they saw a kid that can run and has soft hands and a good judgement for the ball... He'll be okay....Kelly or Coats will block and the team will draft a mid round TE to compete...
  2. Man. This draft is a head scratcher

    Mays had more interceptions than Polamalu when he was a USC and he worked out okay... Mays played the way they asked him to and that was to intimidate ...he did that very well thank you... He's coachable...his a remarkable athlete....he'll be a good one...yes he will
  3. B. Williams close to signing

    is he still close to signing???? how long is close...week?" month? year?
  4. Ready or Mock

    IMHO they simply have to find someone who can step in for Roy Williams this year or next. But as much as I'm a fan of Mays being able to do just that...he doesn't have to be the pick. Nor does he have to be the only safety selected. Because I admit there are less expensive ways to fill that position and I continue to wonder if Mays will truly be the BPA at #21. But again, I'm good with the idea of picking Mays at #21. Because I think he belongs in the debate and if he's the choice I'm satisfied the coaching staff can develope him into an impact player. Oh I agree with you on the idea if the team decides he's the best choice at #21 to fill the SS void in the future Im good with it.. I believe Zimmer has alot of influence on player acqusitions be it draft or ortherwise now and if he thinks Mays can play SS or FS in his system I wont dispute his call...
  5. Ready or Mock

    All I see is that Zimmer said Roy showed them something....he was a hitter..... Whatever..... I suppose Ndukwe isnt in their long term plans at SS then..... I would think the team might consider getting a FS to backup Crocker in case he goes down and to eventually replace him as well... Two safeties in this draft??? a possibility with 9 total picks.... I just dont see all the hoopla about Mays as he seems to be a one trick pony in that he hits but really is a liability in passing situations.... Ok ill quit beating a dead horse here... Thats just my two cents on Mays.....and it probably isnt worth even that much
  6. Ready or Mock

    I've said it to many times to recall, but one more surely won't hurt. Taylor Mays screwed up not coming out his junior year. Why ?? Not because his flaws were amplified, but rather EVERY SINGLE player in his junior secondary along with every starting linebacker and some d-lineman left. He came into his senior season with a brand new group on almost the entire defense. He was expected to carry the load and it was simply to much to be expected of any one player. Do you honestly think he's going to have that issue in the Bengals secondary ?? I can't envision that by any chance. It's simple, look what he did with a conhesive unit up until his senior season. THAT is what Taylor Mays is about and what he would be about in a VERY good Bengals secondary, while learning from a 5 time pro bowl player in Williams. He won't be expected to step into the spotlight and lets not forget Roy Williams is on a one year contract. Here's another for you. If Taylor Mays is a Roy Williams clone and Mike Zimmer says Roy Williams is the "PERFECT FIT" for our defense, why wouldn't we want Taylor Mays (faster, younger, same skill set) to be the one to replace him ?? I never saw where Zimmer said Williams was the "perfect" fit in his system...only that Roy was a good saftey that he was familiar with... Do you honestly think Roy Williams has any effectiveness in passing downs anymore???? The NFL is adopting more and more rules to favor offenses and aside from pass rushers all teams should stock up on Dbacks that can cover.. Im sorry I just dont see this as a Mays attribute.... he can load the box and stop the run Im sure but on passing situations he'll be another Ndukwe in many instances.... Lewis and Zimmer want safties that are interchangeable.. easier said than done imo... what they really need is safties that can tackle BUT can cover...... Would you have a problem with the center from Florida in round one and a Burnette or Allen in round two if they were on the board?? You get one of the best Olinemen and still get a decent cover safety to boot.. Just my thoughts and I welcome yours
  7. Ready or Mock

    I know most of you are very high on Taylor Mays and while I see his speed and measurables as awesome his play at USC this past season didnt seem to warrant him as much of a cover safety..... he can hit yes...fast ..Talledaga fast.... knock on him seems to be instincts...has none... plays poor angles and as far as playmaking....INTS? Passesdefensed?? very low totals for all the accolades thrown his way on this board.. He's a bigger faster younger version of Roy Williams.....a STRONG SAFETY last I knew...not a free safety.. Crocker is aging and who will take his place eventually??? Mays you say??? Tell me why he's such a good FS?? Please list all the attributes he could bring to the table in pass coverage......the NFL is passing league ...more than ever.... Im leaning towards Morgan Burnette or Nate Allen in round two if theyre on the board...
  8. Kyle Cook

    Kyle Cook is the real deal.......bluto was overmatched by the stronger NT's in the division plus he was banged up in his neck and ankle which prohibited him from optomal results... he never had the strength or fortitude of Cook... Cook is a nasty SOB on the field.....he'll hold his own ..
  9. We're the third worst team in Madden 10

    Its Madden....its a GAME.......get over it...
  10. Some love from PFT

    If and when Coles catches over 200 passes in two years Ill endorse him as capable replacement for TJ.... So easy to forget all the first downs to keep the chains moving provided by Housh... Coles might be good ...he also might wind up as second fiddle to Bubba Caldwell before its all said and done...
  11. Grading the position coaches

    Paul Alexander... Levi and Willie were first rounders. Steiney, Whit were first day.. Andrews is his major project and Ill give him a B- for that... Bluto is average...Koos isnt much. the rest of his players were failures to a certain degree. Id rate him C- for his career....
  12. Willie Anderson's roster bonus is due today.. 2 mil..... do they still keep Stacy ?
  13. 4.3 mil.

    they would pick up his salary.. there are no bonus left on his contract... the team would actually save 1.4 mil dollars but have to pickup the player's salary they traded for. some teams cant trade players we'd like to see come herer for the same reason Chad cant be traded Cap hit would kill them.. Chad's is 4.3 hit if Bengals let him go.. that ainnt happenin!
  14. 4.3 mil.

  15. 4.3 mil.

    Thats the cap hit the Bengals would take on trading Chad Johnson.. It wont happen so he stays a Bengal come rain or whiney cryin on he and his evil agents part. Now TJ is in the last year of his contract....trade value will never be higher..NO cap hit. Possesion receivers are easier to replace... Lots of very good recievers in the first four rounds this year.. Just thinkin out loud..