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  1. Maybe it is just that I see his bad games but he seems to drop more passes than he catches, good on special teams, but T. Perry can and should replace him if he shows anything on special teams in preseason. You can't keep a WR around just to play special teams!!!

    According to Marvin you can. If he's a special teams leader, I bet Marvin doesn't care if he catches 2 passes all season.

    It's funny how we fans complained about the special teams for so many years. Now that we have a good special teams, alot of fans are putting on the bottom of the priority list again.

    FACT: Not all players excel at special teams. You cannot just put whoever there and expect your average field position and your opponents field position to be in your favor.

    I don't really care who you have at the 6th WR position, Walter or not, I guarantee you that they don't catch more than a handful of passes all year anyway.

    So, do you want someone on the bench that is average at special teams, or someone like Walter that excels at special teams?

  2. That is a legitimate question. There is no problem with it.

    The PROBLEM was that you put Riggins into a spot on national radio that made him face a racial question. He was probably squirming because there is little room to answer that type of question without offending somebody. He took the easy way out...he came across as offended and upset.

    There was no reason for him to get mad. The response from him that you gave was valid, I just don't see why he got mad. Basically, you made him feel uncomfortable and he didn't like it.

  3. He didn't beat him out they were both on the field on virtually all plays.

    Housh played the slot alot while Washington played opposite Chad.

    Housh also had 4yrs experience to 1yr.

    Enough said!

    I see your point. What I meant was that it was Housh who made the plays last year and became the #2 guy. It could have been Washington.

    BTW, Housh had 2 years of experience from playing time (2001, 2002, IR for 2003) Washington had 1 year in 2003.

  4. ...i feel u can field special teams from other positions like defense etc. otherwise corners and wr's are interchangable on special teams.

    Look I'm not trying to pick on you but....

    THIS IS EXACTLY what the mindset was before Marvin got here concerning special teams.

    "Well, we'll plug some guys in here and there and see what happens."

    "It's only a kick-off and a punt or two. Let's just stick the 3rd teamers in there to get them some work."

    Special teams is a priority, not an afterthought with Marvin.

    Marvin KEEPS guys on the roster who excel in special teams. He has said this many times since his arrival here.

    Washington is a one dementional underacheiver and it was he who was feeling the heat with the drafting of Henry and Perry.

  5. Who would you rather see as a third or fourth receiver if someone got injured?  Washington or Walter?  Enough said.

    Maybe Tab Perry. You never know. Plus, can we remember who the 4th WR was last year?

    I think that it WAS Walter and/or Russell.

    Last year:







    So now that we have established that Russell and Walter were the 4th WR's LAST year, and they were almost non existent in the offense, do we really want to mess with the improving special teams?

    Anyway, look at last year. I don't think that we used very many 4WR sets.

    This year (potentially):




    Henry- now this year our 4th WR can be a BIG part of the offense

    Walter- could fill in for 4th WR

    Perry- could fill in for 4th WR

    To be honest, I've just never been impressed with Washington. He had a big chance to step up last year when Warrick went down and he got beat out by a smaller, slower, but guttier Houshmandzedeh.

    Enough said.

  6. I wouldn't underestimate Marvin's emphasis on special teams. Walter excels in this area and he also made a few nice catches last year. I really haven't seen a whole lot from Washington since he has been here. Between the two, I think that Walter has more of a "do anything for the team" attitude. Also, if Chad, Housh, Warrick, and Henry are the top 4 starters, how much does the offense even need Washington? Tab would be the kick returner and Walter is a hard nosed special teamer.

    If Washington is going to make this team he has to beat out Henry for the 4th spot, assuming Warrick is healthy.

    I think Washington and his squirrel dance get cut.

  7. I think that the best way it can help is if TO makes such a jackass out of himself that CJ would make a conscious decision to never conduct his contract business in the way that TO is doing.

    What TO is doing is a detrement to himself. WHEN the Eagles do let him go and he is a free agent again, WHO is going to sign this guy for his asking price??? Every team knows that he is not worth the headache.

    If TO holds out this year, I don't see him ever having as productive of a year as he did in this last one.

  8. I have:

    2 Authentic Dillons (white/black)

    Authentic CJ (new white)

    replica CJ (black)

    replica Blake (black)

    throwback James Brooks (white)

    replica Dan Wilkinson (black)

    replica Palmer (old black)

    replica Warrick (old white)

    replica Akili Smith (old black)

    authentic CJ (signed old black)

    authentic Rudi (signed old black)

    practice Boomer (black)

    I want:

    Authentic Palmer (new orange)

    Authentic Pollack (black)

    Authentic B. Simmons (new orange)

    :player: :player: :player: :player:

    That is ALOT of jerseys. You should insure some of those and keep them as collectable investments.

    I had a hard enough time parting with the $230 on the Thurman jersey that I bought last week....and that was ONE jersey.

    I'll probably try and get a white Madieu jersey at some point in the future.

  9. Every Steelers fan I've come across has always been cool to me. Sure they rip on people, but so do we.

    It's all in good fun.. if it's more than that, then it's just not worth it IMHO -- it's f'ing sport. :)

    Good to know. I've never been to a Bengals-Steelers game, but I've seen the Bills fans and the way they act.

    And you're right, it's just a sport.

  10. It's too early to predict. I like to do it after the pre-season but...

    Steelers 10-6

    Bengals 10-6

    Ravens 9-7

    Browns 6-10

    The preseason always brings injuries and changes things a bit. More often than not, the most conditioned teams BEFORE the pre-season are the ones that escape the most injuries...broken bones aside.

  11. i never understand y browns fans come here, wuts wrong with the browns forums?

    I never understand why you guys raid our board, check out dawg talk on ClevelandBrowns.com sometime, then you'll see.

    Dudes, got a point. There are some idiot Bengal fans on there....it's pretty bad at times.

    I've seen you on there before CincyHokie, your one of them that I actually respect, I seem to remember a guy named "Ickey" and he was by far the worst poster in the history of message boards.

    Yeah, I like the Dawgtalk board it's always busy, it has good topics, and it's moderated well.....it's good football talk. There's always going to be the homers for all teams no matter where you go so take things in stride and correspond with those that aren't just talking out of their a**.