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  1. Senior Bowl Thread

    NFL network
  2. Senior Bowl Thread

    I think they have no choice but to go all defense on day 1. A few players that had a decent first half: Kareem Brown Amobi Okoye Levi Brown Brian Leonard Rhema McKnight Drew Stanton Not so good first half: Troy Smith Chase Pittman
  3. Pick the score for this Sunday's game!

    Bengals by 17. Look for Ron Mexico to dish out turnovers like he does STD's to skanks in ATL!
  4. Ocho-Cinco vs. Ron Mexico

    I'm worried about this game now! I had no idea Ron Mexico would be on the field. We have a big Willie and God knows how many Johnsons running around out there. Perhaps Marvin should put them under wraps.
  5. The Call

    A ballsy call by the Brat that sparked an argument with me and a buddy. He was saying it was a stupid call and I said that it might have just won the game. Of course no one knows what the outcome would have been if they tried to run it...I think it was a good call at the right time but if they don't get it the Brat would have been roasted by Bengals fans. Keep em guessin' Brat!!!
  6. Chris Henry arrested

    This is one position we can afford a guy being out for a few games. Don't they film that Bengal's show at Jillian's on Wed. night? I bet he was blazing up before the show. It probably loosens him up so he can deal with all the fans.
  7. OSU-ND

    The only way ND loses is if they don't take care of the ball. No one in college football puts together a better offensive game plan than Charlie. He will expose the Bucks D and Brady will come out of the game as the favorite for next years Heisman.
  8. OSU-ND

    Charlie will pick apart the Bucks defense and ND will focus on making Smith beat them with his arm. It will be close but the Irish will take care of the Bucks. ND 24 OSU 17 bengalindian, You would switch QB's in a second if given the chance.
  9. Hines Ward

    Hines Ward = Bleeding p***y with herpes! Not to mention a crying little bitch that KC's Dick V. wants to be like!
  10. this makes me smile

    Nice pic Black Jesus! That makes my day! I still want to see Chad wipe his ass with the "not so terrible towel"!!!
  11. The Top 10 Excuses We Will Hear From Media & Steeler Fans

    Yeah, my 9 year old son picked up on it early. " Daddy, Why do they say he has a bad thumb on every pass the Steelers don't catch, but every pass they catch it's a great effort?"! I told him that I'm used to it and don't worry about it because the BEST team will come out on top. I guess I've been used to it so long that I didn't notice. THE TIDES HAVE TURNED!!! Like Chad says: Get Used to it!
  12. this makes me smile

    Don't confuse fans with fools. Fools are running amuck in s**ttsburgh!!! Baw ha ha ha ha ha !!!
  13. Home field/tiebreaker with Denver

    I see us with the number 2 seed. The Bronc's still have Jake the Fake last time I checked. Did you watch him today? Same Jake....
  14. this makes me smile

    This goes to show you how utterly ignorant the swine to the north are. These piss-poor fools couldn't gather a sack of s**t in Cleveland! Talk about your true idiots... I want to congratulate the non-homers that have been here from the start. The Kirk's, Billy's, Joisey's, and everyone else that posts here faithfully. It's been a long road but the light at the end of the tunnel is here. We are back and God help anyone who stands in our way. WHO f**kIN' DEY!!!
  15. Best Replay of the Run Away Fan Yet !!!

    JF, I say add the sig back and f**k the clowns at work. When you're at work you work. When you're not then you come here.