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  1. Bengals add WR Travis Brown

    what makes you feel that CJ will be on the roster? Did he not claim that he would rather sit out? Did ML not call his bluff? Do you think they will just kiss and make up? Based on what has transpired, I think CJ will sit and be shut-out. He will be suspended and not paid. For him to come back, there would need to be severe concessions made. Concessions CJ is not willing to make. THus, he will not play another game in stripes. The WR group looks like this to me: TJ, Simpson, Caldwell, Holt, Maxwell and maybe Urrutia or Purify. I think Chatman will be cut, since he cannot stay healthy and CJ will sit at home all Fall. Im with you. I dont think CJ will be playing for us this year, and if he does i doubt he will try very hard anyway. Definitly cut Chatman, hes never impressed me. TJ, Simpson, Caldwell, and Holt should all be locks, with Urrutia, Maxwell, and Purify competing for the last spot or 2. Id also expect us to try to get either Urrutia or Purify on our practice squad. They both have some real upside.
  2. Personally, I would love to see him end up in Atlanta, Miami, or Chicago. Add Green Bay to that mix too. Not going to happen, but it would be tremendous. Agreed. If we back down and trade him, we absolutely HAVE to trade him to a bad team with a terrible QB. Put him in a place where his team cannot possibly be good before hes washed up in 4 or 5 years. Miami is such a mess that I think thats the best option. If that prick gets his wish and is traded it better be to a bad team.
  3. Undrafted FA Signings Begin

    A 4.7 isnt average or subpar for a CB. A 4.7 is as bad as it gets. Theres no way he can play CB in this league, maybe he will have a shot at safety.
  4. The Shaun Alexander Thread

    This isnt the answer. More mileage than rudi, he is completely washed up. Although he did seem to give up when he got his contract, so maybe putting him on a 1 year deal would light another fire under him until a replacement steps up. I still have faith in Irons or Perry to become our future at RB. Or we rotate the 3 of them and have a nice RBBC.
  5. Snap Judgement Time

    Shaun Alexander would be completely unnecessary. Hes more worn down than Rudi Johnson is. Doubt hes even an upgrade at this point
  6. 6th Round Pre-Picks Thread

    Come on, Cory Boyd, Allen Patrick, or Chauncey Washington here, take a flyer on a late round RB, theres always 1 or 2 of them
  7. 6th Round Pre-Picks Thread

    Agreed. Trae Williams would have been a great pick there. Shirley was terrible IMO. The thing i was liking best about this draft was that we were taking good characters, high quality people. Then we take Shirley and its another headache. Why cant we make it through 1 draft without taking one of these? This guy screams AJ nicholson.
  8. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Trae Williams
  9. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Yeah hed be nice. There are other RBs that would be good here though. Allen patrick, Chauncey Williams, and Cory Boyd could all be very good imo As a USF fan id love it if we took Trae Williams. I can echo Mel's statements that hes as good as Mike Jenkins. Up until last season most USF fans considered him the better player
  10. Why pass on Sweed??

    I would have much rather had Sweed but to call this a fireable move is insane. I was really upset about passing on Sweed and even more upset to see him go to the steelers but Simpson has skill, we will see on him. He definitly has the potential to be better than Sweed but IMO he wont be.
  11. 3rd Round #2: Andre Caldwell

    Ok dont go that far. Theres no way we line up opening day with these 2 rookies starting for us. Somehow we need at least 1 of TJ and CJ back. Im fine with letting Chad ruin his career by sitting out the next 3 years until he decides to honor his contract. Teach him a lesson and set a hard stance for any players who want to try this in the future. Not just on the bengals either, too many players are doing this and its ruining the league. So yeah, if Chad sits out all year id love marvin lewis for it. I do think Caldwell and Simpson fit well together though if they both can live up to their potential. Also forget about Justin King. I dont get the fascination with him, hes just a 40 time. No college production, just has the measurables and the talent. Nothing worth getting excited over, especially this early. BTW why is anyone talking about him as a return man? He wasnt a very good one. If we wanted a kick returner we will need to address that later.
  12. 3rd Round #1: Pat Sims

    I liked Dre Moore better as a high upside risk pick, but this works too. If Marvin thinks he can get Sims playing hard hes got all the talent to be a dominant DT. Hes a big body with great athleticism. I feel kind of like the 2nd round. I came in wanting Sweed and ended up with Simpson. Same position, similar player, but we passed on the one i wanted for the guy we took. If things work out that the 2 guys i wanted are better players it will obviously suck but i cant complain too much as we are getting close to what ive wanted
  13. 3rd Round Pre-Picks Thread

    Yeah Dre Moore is my target here also. Love the upside. None of this matters of course, as we all know there is 0 chance we take him. Even if we go DT it will be no one that anyone here is talking about. It will be an obscure DT who had a nice workout and was considered a possible 5th round steal. Getting excited about the draft is very difficult as a bengal fan, because you really never have a clue whats going to happen
  14. 2nd Round: Jerome Simpson

    I really really hope we didnt blow this pick. Im sure almost every bengal fan would have taken Sweed over Simpson. Now we get to see sweed twice a year, if we were right at the bengals was wrong it will be painfully obvious.
  15. 2nd Round: Jerome Simpson

    I dont think this is the kind of thing you can blame on bad scouts. If we really had no scouts or bad scouts we would be taking mostly players either on the top of Mel's board or local guys (like hawkins). To say that we have no scouts so we take a guy from division 1aa is kinda stupid if you ask me. Without scouts we wouldnt know this guy existed. Ah great, as i say this the steelers get limas sweed. I really wanted him here...