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  1. Happy BIrthday B24 !!!

    Thanks Army. I've not been around for awhile, and hope to have sometime to come back more often.
  2. Pep Rally

    It is just crazy to me. Who would pay ten bucks to go down like that? If it was something like Reds fest, maybe I would be willing to pay. Once again one organization in town gets it, while the other is doing the same thing it has ever done.
  3. Salary Cap Update

    It will be interesting if they try to do that now, or wait to try it next year when they have spend the cap space.
  4. UDFA Signings

    I read that article too. Completely agree. I really hope it works out for him and us.
  5. Some Really Good News for Once

    That kind of money for livings is insane, but hey what ever.
  6. Wow who would have thought that a rookie quarterback coming of no offseason practice could make the playoffs. Kudos to this team. I am happy to see the bengal's back into the playoffs. Who Dey.
  7. Playoff shake up

    What a good football weekend.

    Headed to the game today. I hope it isnt a long day of watching houston just run run and run some more.
  9. Liverpool vs Man City

    Oh man that was a great match. I am bummed the Reds couldn't steal 3. It was a well played aggressive match overall.
  10. week 8 early games

    Man the ravens have looked just awful this game.
  11. Colts @ Bengals Pre & Game Thread

    Well in the last three weeks the ended the 22 year drought to the bills. They had not won at Jacksonville since the late 90's. Today they beat the colts for the first time in 7 games. Maybe they can finally end the drought on the west coast.
  12. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    It will be interesting to see if the momentum will swing back the other way.
  13. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    that was a blown coverage by the lb. Was it lawson?
  14. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Keep going dalton!
  15. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Wow what a solid 1st quarter. Hope they can keep it up for 45 more min.