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  1. Update on Chad Trade Options

    I still see benson and Bush as close to the same guy. I'[d rather se them get a different back, more of a change of pace guy. If Ced is considered our speedster, the running game won't have many home runs
  2. Update on Chad Trade Options

    I want them to trade chad, but why does everyone think Benson.Bush would be such a great combo. There are pretty close to the same guy
  3. We need to appreciate Marvin

    Herman Edwards, Andy ried, Art Shell. Marvin may not be the greatest but I can't lump him in with these guys when it comes to clock management
  4. Aubrey O'Day pics

    Don't have the issue but i have seen it. it's definitely worth the mission, ditty
  5. No action taken, pulse is fading

    This must be everybody's first year as Bengals fans Like what's happened in the offseason is suprising I hate to see TJ go, but I don't mind as much for what he got. And now it's out he;s getting an MRI beofre the deal gets finalized Cedric Benson is more important and the fact he'd consider a backup job tells something(unless his agent is really dumb enough to try to use a backup job for leverage, I doubt that) In fact, theirs a Benson quote floating on the internet goin something like this "The business side here might be better than the business side in Cincinnati,” And you guys are suprised
  6. Does anyone not want TJ back

    They need to give the two WRs another year before deciding they are a washout, and they have bigger needs elsewhere regardless, so drafting a WR would be a piss-poor idea at 6 Maybe...but why not look at it. You know they are going to, and they are expected to be one of the teams at his pro day. Trust me if he is there at 6, he will be the selection. Well, have to agree to disagree cuz i hope your wrong. I won't be too happy with drafting a WR at 6, ESPECIALLY cuz we drafted two last year. What next, hire matt Millen
  7. Does anyone not want TJ back

    If TJ doesn't come back, I highly doubt we draft a reciever with #6. Remember, we did draft two WR's last year, so I doubt we use a high pick on one this year
  8. Denver to win the Superbowl next year?

    Winning the Super bowl doesn't happen this time of year, just ask Redskin fans.
  9. The draft is blowing up right now.

    Draft optimism from HOF. I have now officially seen it all
  10. What RB combo would you prefer?

    My grandfather has better knees than Duece, he's done. I really like Javon Ringer as a 3rd but he won't be there
  11. TJ staying for cheaper? **EDIT**

    I think TJ is having trouble finding a market for his services.
  12. OL Options

    KFFL is reporting Andrews to visit Philly for a possible reunion with his brother
  13. Rush to Rush

    First thing I've read all off season that pumped me up a bit(but I'm a homer)
  14. Kenny Irons

    He seems to be a great guy as far as I can tell. Never had any issue with the man. Also met Shayne Graham(bigger than you think) Tom jackson(nice as hell, always smiling) and even once told off Johnny Bench (GIANT a**h***)
  15. Kenny Irons

    I got a funny story for ya bout Ickey. I'm a golf pro in Cincy and Ickey routinely comes to play our course. What's funny is, the whole time he's playing, he'll leave that meat truck running in the parking lot the whole time to keep the meat frozen. It takes anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to play, so that's a long time to leave a vehicle runnin. He'll even come in and ask us to make sure no one turns it off And Ickey is HUGE. I mean short offensive lineman, HUGE.