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  1. chad on nfl countdown

    I thought Key was really off base and hypocritical in his assessment of Chad and got caught with his pants down.
  2. Chad Johnson, GoDaddy, Degree spokesman

    Yeah I posted about the Go Daddy thing yesterday. Kinda funny pairing in my opinion. Still, it appears the rich get richer.... http://cincinnatibengals.contentquake.com/...ith-godaddycom/
  3. Is Chris Henry in trouble again?

    This will end up being a non issue in the end. Except for the fact that Henry is still an immature moron. I hate to say it dudes, but he does not have much up top. Remember, this is the same dude that wears his game jersey out to clubs....
  4. Carson for FedEx Player of the Week

    Looks like 37 to 30 now, Palmer trails. Cmon guys!
  5. Carson for FedEx Player of the Week

    He has the lead 38 to 35 now, I just voted
  6. Marvin feeling heat from media

    I think the Bengal D has "some" talent, but not enough to be considered a top 10 D by any stretch in any league. That said, Marvin really seems to have pissed off the press. I compiled some of it here http://cincinnatibengals.contentquake.com/...ers-press-fans/ Also, does anyone else get reminded of Dr. Hibbert from The Simpsons at every Lewis press conference?> He always seems to be laughing when nothing is funny....
  7. Pick the score of the Cleveland game

    Divisional game on the road vs. a rival.... Bengals 27 Browns 13
  8. Patriots Videotaping "cheating" incident

    Looks like the Lions also had an incident last season that they are now coming forward about...... http://detroitlions.contentquake.com/2007/...-by-new-england During the 2006 NFL Season the Lions traveled to Foxboro to take on the Patriots in a regular season game. The Pats prevailed over the Lions 28-21 in a surprisingly close game. Paul Zimmerman in his Dr. Z Inside the NFL column for Sports Illustrated reported that Lions Coach Rod Marinelli phoned the Lions coaches in the press box during the game and asked: “There’s a camera pointed right at our defensive coach making his calls. Is that allowed?”
  9. I know this was touched on elsewhere, but thought it deserved its own thread.... Also appears Daryl Johnston did not like the celebration..... This link also has video of the TD and celebration.... http://cincinnatibengals.contentquake.com/...-its-stupidity/
  10. Thanks Billy, Prepping a post over at my blog regarding this.....
  11. Munoz On Chad's TD Celebration - "It's Stupidity"

    Maybe Munoz has been spending too much time with that Furniture Fair midget and lost his sense of humor...
  12. Vote for Geathers on NFL.com

    Voted and did a blog entry, hopefully he wins it! http://cincinnatibengals.contentquake.com/...er-of-the-week/
  13. Honoring Bengalszones Top 50 "Old Timers"

    I used to be known at Larry Kinnebrew, then changed to just, The Brew Man, wow that was a long time ago....
  14. New Bengals Blog

    Hey everyone, just wanted to get the word out to some other fans about a new blog I started. You can find the link in my sig and although it is new, it already has a solid amount of info up and running. I would love it if some of you would stop by and drop a comment from time to time in addition to your discussions here. Also, if anyone is interested in doing an occasional article, let me know, always looking for passionate writers..... Thanks
  15. New Bengals Blog

    Hey #10 Old Timer! Good to see you back for a visit. I'll return the favor! Thanks man, I think I will stick around.... Did not realize I was a top 10 old timer! Nice!
  16. Time to sign the defenseive guys...

    I would agree with most of this. No need to go on a spending spree just yet. And no, Andrews has yet to blow me away as well. That said, I think the OL had a great first half and a poor second half. You could see the obvious changes the Ravens made at the half take effect early in the 2nd.
  17. Carson sure was terrible last night!

    I don't think its a free pass, that fumble by Rudi was really bad at a really bad time...he looked incredibly nervous on the sidelines. Even so, I am enjoying being 1-0 and a game ahead of Baltimore already, so if that is a free pass, I guess I am guilty.....
  18. Who will we face Sunday

    Since Crennell has been fairly horrid as coach, and the wrong move would be to throw Quinn to the wolves, I would not be shocked if he did just that....
  19. Chad Johnson whining like a little B****

    He did look ready to cry. I cant say I agree though, Chad is being targeted alot, id bet as much or more than anyone on the team by alot. The problem is Carson. He doesnt seem healthy and Chad is getting the short end of his inconsistency.
  20. Guys, Im glad we have a confident bunch, but how do you make these comments after that ass whooping? "I don't know if we were too cocky or too confident, but I know this is a team that we should've beat. Hopefully, well get another shot at them. I know if we play our best football, we can beat them," Palmer said. T.J. Houshmandzadeh added, "They knew they couldn't stop us, but you need the team as a whole to succeed... There aren't any (defensive backs) on that team that can cover us."
  21. Who thinks Joseph should start?

    BTG, I assure you, it was a cover 2 and KK was to blame. This does not excuse Mr. James for his piss poor play, but this case was one he was not to blame. Maybe you noticed KK getting chewed on the sidelines afterwards?
  22. Who thinks Joseph should start?

    While I agree James is no the way out, that TD today on his side of the field was KKs fault. Tori was in a bump and run and KK was supposed to pick up the receiver and did not. Still, Tori is not impressing anyone this year.......
  23. Who thinks Joseph should start?

    I think Tory looks worse with Jackson out honestly, KK just doesnt help as well as Jackson in the secondary and thus exposes James moreso than when he is in. He will be ok once Jackson returns but I agree Joseph is the future.
  24. Steelers Game Impressions

    I know I cant remember the last time I saw the Bengals block a field goal, they did today, by Thorton. Who is having a great year so far.
  25. Steelers Game Impressions

    One thing that is amazing about today is the Bengals actually got alot of breaks and pulled it out. Is seemed to go in quarters, the first was Pitt, second was Cincys and the third was Pitt and fourth was ours. Was the wind that bad?