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  1. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    Will be such a huge test. And really Bengals will be having a tough one for the Panthers. Now let the Real Games Begin!
  2. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    Colts need a healthy Luck. They fall apart whether he is not healthy or not playing. Yeah as really think that Bengals need all the help with Andy Dalton and his W.R. and defense to pressure Luck and the offense of Indy.
  3. Ready for September Fall!

  4. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    Yeah as really seven W.R. that is far too much. Put him on the PS at least. If he can land on the team.
  5. Yeah as really protecting Dalton and the RB's.
  6. Ready for School!

  7. Bengals Cut Brandon LaFell

    Well really hope he can catch onto a team that can make us of his talents. Good luck but Bengals not a good fit for him.
  8. August is Here!

  9. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Very funny Army Bengals!
  10. August is Coming!

  11. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    One is one bit slower and one that is a bit faster.
  12. Ready for July Fireworks

  13. 2018 season

    Just want to see possibly Marvin Lewis finally getting over the playoff hump. That would be really a dream come true for those that have been long suffering fans of the team.
  14. 2018 season

    Best to skip the preseason games and save money. And hopefully will fill if they make the playoffs.
  15. Yeah as drinking like a soda thing. Of a Ketchup thing. Like it was nothing!
  16. Rd. 3 78&79

    Just want to see the Bengals break that playoff jinx streak!
  17. Ready for Memorial Day!

  18. Yeah as really Palmer if he were healthy could had taken out the Steelers!
  19. Ready for the Spring!

  20. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    You made your point Army Bengals! Indeed!