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  1. Quenton Nelson

    Indeed as wonder what he could do over on the team if drafted.
  2. NFL Playoffs

    Fly Eagles Fly as they say!
  3. AFC Super Bowl Teams the Last 15 Years and a Question

    Yeah Peyton Manning played an unusual supporting role in his last game due to age and injuries. Proving defense does win you the game.
  4. Eagles @ Patriots!

  5. NFL Playoffs

    Come on Eagles. Am for them. As really they want it more. Vikings are the favorites. But Eagles showing they have bark in them.
  6. NFL Playoffs

    Bet you Bengals fans are very happy!
  7. Ready for January Jubilee

  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Yeah as that would be something else.
  9. New Year's 2018 Welcome!

  10. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Yeah as really think that it is time to move on. Wishing Coach Lewis nothing but the best. But need someone who can be clutch and win the playoffs. Not just get them there.
  11. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    At least the Bengals got the Lions out of the playoffs.
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

  13. The rest of the NFL can see it, and has for years

    Yeah Pep Rally my you know what. Think Lewis will be gone. Nice man but not the coach as he used to be.
  14. And It Just Gets Better for Browns Fans

    Sashi Brown would be a dream come true about. But guess I was wrong. Just hope after 2017, John Dorsey will be able to clean house in Cleveland.
  15. Burfict invokes Trump tweet strategy, lol

    They need to cut this guy. He is a cancer off the field. Not just on it.
  16. Christmas Time is Coming!

  17. Steelers @ Bengals on MNF

    Just only hope Bengals can pull off the upset of the Steelers!
  18. Congrats Newman.

    Well wanted Jimmie Johnson to win. But oh well Martin Truex is good enough.
  19. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    No still watching it. Been through thick and thin. Thirty one years and counting. Only sport I watch!
  20. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Dalton is a great QB but just can't seem to win the big game.
  21. Ready for November to Remember!