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  1. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Well need to have a spark to seek out first win!
  2. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    Tough game but really proud of how they played despite losing. Shows that the new coach knows what he seems to be doing. Losing by one point.
  3. Very much loving NFL again!

  4. Andrew Luck Retires

    Really think that the crowd was really not nice when they booed him. Andrew even admitted it. It is due to injuries and burnout. Plus his wife is expecting!
  5. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Need to be a comedian my friend LOL!
  6. Ready for Back to School!

  7. Ready for August!

  8. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Well hope he heels. Ouch!
  9. All Hat No Cattle Stadium?

    Wished that they would call it Landry Stadium to remember the late beloved coach.
  10. Ready for July Fireworks

  11. Offensive Line

    O-Line and LB groups are ones that need to be beefing up. No wonder the team can't get over the playoff hump loss.
  12. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Yeah as Lewis seems to be content now that he does not have the stress of coaching anymore. Just wish he could had overcome the playoff loss hump.
  13. Father's Day 2019!

  14. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Well so far so good on the coaches. Bringing youth and no nonsense. New era as well.
  15. Ready for June!

  16. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    You said it all Amphar! As really the reason Hart did not get a big deal. As it is really that of a one year deal. Though it was two years technically there.
  17. Happy Memorial Day!

  18. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Yeah as hope they can produce on the field!
  19. Mother's and May Day!

  20. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    Just hope he can really do well for the team. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  21. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Really think that Andy if he is not cut or traded, is really on borrowed time to get the team to the playoffs. And it is now or never.