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  1. The O-Line Roster

    I'm really at a loss what to do with Fish and Og. I'm not convinced either could transition inside. Unless they make some kind of miracle leap over the summer I'm not sure they're anything more than backups if they even make the team. I see us taking a center and OT in the first two picks, at least in the to 3 and more later.
  2. The O-Line Roster

    I see that AMPHAR and others are mocking a RG to us and there appears to be a couple excellent prospects but I'm going to cast doubt on that for a different reason. I think we learned with Zeitler that you aren't going to sign a guard to a massive 2nd contract so we end up grooming these players for another team. A corner, (Jackson, Alexander, Ward) Offensive Tackle (McGlinchey) , Defensive End (Davenport) or even a Defensive Tackle (Payne) can warrant a big second contract and the ensuing cap hit, but being a small market team pretty much dictates how we draft. Unless they see Billings making a major leap I can easily see them drafting a massive defensive tackle like the Da'Ron Payne kid. I think they would strongly consider McGlinchey. I really think that the center James Daniels is best pick. We need a center and he has the mobility to get to the 2nd level and would solidify the line, but that runs into the same contract problems as an OG. All of this depends on who might fall to us as well. I think we go with BPA, if a Derwin James or D Ward falls I don't see how you pass them. The choice will be easy. Who knows how we have them rated.