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  1. This weekend

    A friend and I just decided to come down this weekend. For those of you that have attended these before, which would you suggest going to? The intrasquad scrimmage on Friday or the Black and Orange game on Satruday? Also, are video cameras aloud?
  2. What music have you been listening to lately?

    I have been listening to and watching the video for a song from one of the greatest artists of our time. R. Kelly's new song, "Same Girl." It doesn't quite live up to "Trapped in the Closet," but it still has some of the best lyrics put to paper.
  3. Lil Bush

    I watched a little bit of it. I don't think its really funny, but its 10x better than Mind of Mencia.
  4. LOST

    I'm just glad they announced an end date. Some of the episodes this season were obviously just filler episodes with not much story because they didn't want to advance the story too much because they don't know how much longer they have to drag it out. But now that they know the end date, each episode should advance the story more. At least thats what I'm hoping. That last season is going to be crazy with all the answers coming out (hopefully). Still 48 episodes left... still seems like a ton haha
  5. LOST

    The just announced last week that the show is having three more 16-episode seasons. Its ending in 2010
  6. LOST

    I don't know, I think it was an actual flash forward. I think they were actually rescued. Or was the whole show a flashback?
  7. LOST

    OH MY GOD! Can I be the first to say that that episode was AMAZING! I am literally speechless! I did not see that coming! Needless to say that was the greatest episode of this show. I don't even know what to think right now. I was thinking "theres no way they are actually rescued, what are they going to do for 3 more years?" And I still don't know what the hell they are going to do for 3 years. Are they going to go back and show them getting rescued (or maybe they didn't get rescued that time, maybe they didn't get rescued until later) or is Jack going to try to get everyone else to go back to the island?
  8. LOST

    Yeah I heard that too so I went back and paused it. There is definitely someone sitting there, but I can't really tell if its Locke or not. It looks like it could be him. I too hope that theory is wrong. If the whole thing turns out to be something that never actually happened like a dream, or a book, or just in all of their heads or something, its going to really piss me off.
  9. LOST

    I doubt they will do anymore of that unless its a major part of the plot line. Since they announced that the show will only have 3 more 16-episode seasons, I would say every episode is going to advance the story quite a bit. I don't think we'll see much more of those filler episodes with not much story like there were in the middle of this season.
  10. LOST

    Ah yeah sorry. I meant Locke. I kinda wish it was Jack haha. The writers have done a great job with Jack's character. At the beginning he was the most likeable person and the clear leader of the camp. But they have quickly turned him into one of the least liked person on the entire show. But he's started to come back to what he used to be like in this last episode. He'll probably start being likeable again. One more thing... what the hell happened to Rose and Bernard the entire season? I know they are not major characters but they completely disappeared. I think last weeks episode was the first episode we've seen them this season isn't it?
  11. LOST

    Lost-Media.com is a good site to check out JayandJack.com is a good one too, they do 2 podcasts every week I listen to every once in a while, they're pretty good. They do recaps and catch a lot of stuff that I would never realize and they talk about a lot of theories and stuff. The last 2 episodes have been 2 of the best of the whole series I think. Jack getting shot at the end of the one came out of no where... i was not expecting that (but I'm still not sure that he's dead). I think he will come back and save the day during this big battle that they have with the others. I can see the others almost having the survivors beaten then Locke coming in and killing Ben or something. That would be sweet (don't tell me if I'm right or wrong.... even though probably wrong haha) The the whole thing with Jacob, Ben, and Locke in the cabin was just freaky/weird. I still don't know what to think of that. Then this last episode with Charlie was a good one too. I don't know what the hell to expect from that underwater hatch. Another thing that is really weird that the survivors dont seem to be making a big deal about is the fact that the woman said that they found Flight 815 and everyone was dead. That would be huge to me if I was them, that means no one is looking for you anymore. And it is also would just confuse the hell out of me how they think they found the plane. Anyway, thats all i got for now
  12. LOST

    yeah I've been watching. It has definitely been a great ending to the season. The finale looks like its gonna kick ass too.
  13. Grindhouse

    I agree... whenever I tell someone I liked Snakes on a Plane they're like "why? It was so dumb!" and Im like exactly. I don't care if a movie is stupid, if its entertaining, I'll watch it. And Snakes on a Plane was supposed to be funny and cheesy. On a side note, Blades of Glory is overrated. I didn't think it was that funny... definitely not one of Will Farrell's best. It would've been 10x better if Jon Heder wasn't in it
  14. Grindhouse

    Well, I won't deny that it had a lot of blood, guts and gore (the first one at least, Tarintino's didn't have much blood at all). I thought it was good, so I guess I'm brain dead. Its supposed to give people that go see it a good time... and it does that. It's hilarious, its entertaining, theres action, and yes, theres some blood.
  15. Grindhouse

    I just saw Grindhouse tonight and it was everything I expected... it was awesome! I highly recommend it! Its a long movie (about 3 hrs 10 min) but since its 2 movies with stuff in between, it doesn't seem that long. The first movie, Planet Terror (Rodriguez) is definitely the better of the 2. It was much funnier than I was expecting, but it was great. I was a little disappointed in the Tarintino one, Death Proof. The last 20 minutes of it was good, but the first part was pretty much just conversation. But Planet Terror was amazing. It got an applause after it, and a standing ovation from a few people (it was good, but not standing ovation good haha) But some of the best parts of the movie were the fake movie trailers at the beginning and between the two films. There is one at the beginning with Cheech Marin that was funny but the best one was for "Thanksgiving"... they actually posted it on YouTube... http://youtube.com/watch?v=nbSKnL4WFJM (there is nudity, fyi)